Feb 13, 2013

Don't Deny Women Life Saving Treatment Due to Others Religious Beliefs

Apparently some people do not realize how risky being pregnant is for a woman and that multiple pregnancies increases the risk of complications. That is why birth control is considered preventive medicine.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends spacing pregnancies out by at least 18 months. Having pregnancies to close together can lead to dysfunctional labor, preterm labor, premature birth, miscarriage, more difficult labors, higher incidence of C-sections and a loss of fertility. 

Each pregnancy increases a woman’s risk of heart attack and stroke as well as for postpartum bleeding and hemorrhage, which can lead to death.  

Multiple pregnancies can lead to Placenta Previa, Uterine Prolapse & Rupture, Gallbladder Disease, Anemia & Nutritional Deficiencies, Blood Clots, and Intestinal Disorders. 

Postpartum psychosis and postpartum depression are also caused by pregnancy.

One would think that the anti-choicers who claim to care about women would applaud Obama Care for providing women with guaranteed preventative women's health services, instead of insisting that Reproductive Healthcare infringes on their religious rights. 

Allowing women to space pregnancies out and have fewer children can prevent these serious conditions. 

Providing women with access to Reproductive Healthcare will also cut down on abortions, something the anti-choicers claim to want. No woman should be refused lifesaving treatment like Savita Halappanavar who was only 31 or be denied preventive care due to someone else’s religious beliefs.

Birth control has allowed women to become healthier more productive members of society. It is past time that our insurance covered it.  

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