Jan 26, 2013

The Three Earths ~ Chapter 1

In a galaxy for away on a plant (Semrys) much like Earth, a young Prince was the only survivor of his family. His story began before his birth in the Kingdom of Skye. The King of Skye, King Solomon was very wise,  Scientist and Philosophers thrived in his Kingdom which was known for it’s culture and tolerance.  Then alas King Solomon fell in love with Princess Sophie from the Kingdom of Christisall. Unfortunately she was as pious as she was beautiful and once she married King Solomon she sat about changing  the Kingdom of Skye.

When King Solomon asked what Sophie would like for a wedding present she sweetly asked him to build a huge Cathedral where she could  worship her God. Thinking the request was relatively harmless he ordered the Cathedral to be built.  This created a huge hardship for the peasants of Skye who were forced to work on the Cathedral, as they were unable to work in their fields and harvest their crops. Luckily the scientist were able to come up with many time saving devices and the Cathedral was completed in a year but many would have starved if the government warehouses where surpluses of food were kept were not opened. While no one starved everyone had to tighten their belts and the pompous priest who came from Christisall  to work in the Cathedral  just made matters worse with his constant criticism of the Scientist and Philosophers.  But while the seeds of discontent had been planted an outright rebellion would not take place for many years.

When Queen Sophie became pregnant with the royal heir the whole kingdom rejoiced.  The King was overjoyed and asked Queen Sophie what she would like as a gift. She told the King how unhappy she was that the Cathedral was empty on Holyday except for the King and herself and requested the King order his subjects to attend Holyday services at the Cathedral. The King didn’t want to do this as he was proud of his Kingdoms religious tolerance and the fact that his subjects were free to worship as they wished, so at first he refused. But eventually the Queen and the Priest wore him down. Now the Kings subjects were very unhappy about being ordered to attend Holyday services and it created a hardship for many of the peasants who had to get up before dawn to walk to the Cathedral but since overall the King was a wise and just man they didn’t revolt right away.

The royal nursery was full with the Crown Prince Daniel, Prince Justin, Princess Chastity and Prince Obed.  Each of the children had their own faults and foibles Crown Prince Daniel was full of mischief and always looking for adventure, Princess Chastity was  pious and plain, Prince Obed was devout and dour and perhaps took a little too much pleasure in the idea of sinners being punished and Prince Justin was studious and shy. Prince Justin’s great love was books and ironically it would be books that would lead to the downfall of the Kingdom of Skye.

Queen Sophie usually ignored her middle son as he made here very uncomfortable. She saw the world in Black & White and didn’t like to be forced to think or see shades of gray in situations. And Prince Justin with his probing questions and agile mind was always making her see complexities where she didn’t wish too. But one day when she came across him in the courtyard she paused to talk with him and picked up the book he was reading which was full of probing questions and thoughtful discourse. She found the book very unsettling and rushed to the priest with it. The priest barely glanced at it before he pronounced it blasphemous and decreed that the King must order it and all books but the Holybook burned at once. The Queen rushed to the King and begged him to have the books burned but HE REUFSED. The King really believed in Freedom of Speech, and Learning, and Philosophy and had no intention of having his Kingdom turned into a backward theocracy like Christisall. The Queen was very upset when she realized the King would not give in to her demands and rushed to the Priest to get his advice.

The Priest went on and on about how the King was a heretic and was leading his people astray and that it would  be best for everyone if he was removed from the throne and a GODLY man or woman was on it. He also pointed out that if something should happen to the King she would be in charge until the Crown Prince came of age. Now Queen Sophie had never wanted to marry King Solomon who was old enough to be her Father, but had only done so because the Head Priest of Christisall told her it was her duty to God to do so, so she found it easy enough to poison the King. The priest was overjoyed his plan was working but he realized right away that there was no way she would kill who own children, who she loved in her own strange way. So the priest came up with a plot to get Daniel and Justin out of the way. He convinced the Queen that it was the Kingdom of Skye’s duty to seek out the Holy Relic that was being kept in a heathern kingdom to the North and that Crown Prince Daniel and Prince Justin should lead the Holy War. Prince Justin who realized how WRONG the expedition was flatly refused and outwitted the priest by insisting that GOD had told him he didn’t want him to go. Crown Prince Daniel saw it as a great adventure and was happy enough to go but somehow broke his leg right before the soldiers were to leave. Prince Obed wound up leading the Holywarriors, to the High Priest dismay as Obed was his choice for king, and he didn’t expect the Holywarriors to return alive.

Obed led the Holywarriors to the village where the Holy Relic was located where he found all the able bodied men absent as they were off on an pte winkte hunt. Believing he was doing God's will be slaying the infidel he ordered the slaughter of everyone in the village, even the newborn babies. When the hunters returned and saw the slaughter of their kin they tracked down Obed and his warriors and slew everyone to avenge their kin, then they set out to destroy the Kingdom of Skye.

The philosophers, scientist and intellectuals of Skye convinced Prince Justin & Crown Prince Daniel to accompany them east to the Kingdom of  Semrys, where they would be welcomed. Queen Sophie, The High Priest and Princess Chastity fled to Christisall where they didn’t get the reception they expected. Queen Sophie’s brother the King was worried about his throne so he had Queen Sophie and the High Priest executed for treason. Poor Princess Chastity was sent to a nunnery. The peasants of Skye surrendered to the barbarian tribe who treated them decently. So ended the Kingdom of Skye.

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