Nov 11, 2012

The Graveyard Shift

The Graveyard ShiftThe Graveyard Shift by Jack Higgins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of the first Nick Miller books, I wish I had read them in order. Ben Garvald is out of prison and his ex sister in law, Jean Fleming goes to the police with a tale of how he is angry that her sister Bella divorced him and remarried. Nick is tasked with finding Ben and warning him to stay away from Bella but as Nick follows Ben's trail Jean's story begins to unravel.

Trying to show Nick up Jack Brandy visits Manton to question him on Ben's whereabouts and is pushed down the stairs by one of Manton's sidekicks. Believing him to be dead they dump the body and make it look like a hit and run, then kidnap the only witness Ben Garvald.

Thanks to Chuck Lazer, Miller is able to rescue Garvald on the way back to police headquarters Garvald takes Miller's car when they stop to arrest Jango (Manton's driver). A police officer finds the car and Garvald's body. Miller realizes that Garvald came back for the money and that he had left it with Bella. Then he goes after the woman who killed Ben Garvald.

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