Nov 3, 2012


PluggedPlugged by Eoin Colfer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I like his Artemis Fowl series better but it's possible Daniel McEvoy might grow on me.

Daniel is Irish American and currently residing in America and working as a bouncer at a sleazy club. His friend and Doctor Zeb is missing and one of the local mob bosses (Irish Mike) thugs was in his place of business when Daniel kills him with a key in self defense. He places the body in the trunk of the thugs car and leaves it at the bus depot.

Then a customer (Faber) licks Connie (hostess at the club and Daniels one time fling) ass. Daniel makes him apologize but when Connie turns up dead in the parking lot Daniel assumes the Faber is the killer and fingers him to the cops.

The cops confront Faber and he gets very irate, they tail him but to Daniel's surprise during the stakeout one of the cops (Goran) pulls a gun on her partner Deacon and plans to execute her. Daniel shoots Goran from his hiding spot where he was watching the stake out, and then watches Deacon finish her off after Goran tries to attack her again.

Deacon figures out Daniel was the shooter and goes to his apartment where they have sex. She reveals she put Goran in the trunk of the car and left it out front. But Goran was dead and called for help. Faber's goons come get her and Deacon and Daniel follow and are captured. Turns out Faber and Goran were stealing drugs and selling them. With Goran dead Faber needs someone to take the drugs, he makes a deal with Daniel to do it with Deacon held hostage. Daniel gets the drugs but sets Faber up to look like he killed Irish Mike's thug. Daniel and Deacon hide in the freezer when Irish Mike bust in and kills Faber and his goons.

Daniel then listens to his messages and realizes that Faber didn't kill Connie. He is then picked up by Irish Mike who thinks he has a disk Zeb was blackmailing him with. He takes him to Zeb's office where Daniel finds Zeb still alive. Daniel puts his contingency plan into motion and manages to work a deal with Irish Mike so he and Zeb escape alive.

Daniel then figures out who really killed Connie.

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  1. O hai! My hoomin likes to read a lot. :)

  2. Hi Keisha, Ours does too. We likes to sit in her lap while she does it. ~Socks, Scylla & Fenris


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