Nov 1, 2012

Midsummer's Knight by Kinley MacGregor

Where's My Hero?Where's My Hero? by Kinley MacGregor
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Only read Midsummer's Knight by Kinley MacGregor as I am reading both The MacAllisters series and the The Brotherhood of the Sword series. Simon (Draven of Ravenswood's) younger brother, Stryder's best friend and Sin's foster brother, has a problem as a landless knight there is no way he can hope to gain permission to marry the woman he loves much less win her heart or so he thinks. So when she starts writing Stryder of Blackmoor as Stryder's secretary he responds. At first the letters are innocent enough but then Simon lets his feelings show, since he only signs the letters with an S and Kenna doesn't know The Wraiths name she assumes the letters are from Stryder and tells her cousin Callie that she is betrothed to the Earl of Blackmoor. Simon not realizing that Kenna has read more into the letters then he intended talks Stryder into going to England for a tournament where he can see Kenna who will be there with Sin and Callie. When they arrive Stryder is bemused by all those congratulating him on his betrothal, but he is down right astonished when Kenna throws herself in his arms announcing her pleasure at seeing her fiancee and mentions his "letters" to her. Since Stryder is illiterate and depends on Simon to attend his correspondence he immediately knows who to blame. Simon explains himself to Kenna and wins her heart they spend a magical day together only to be confronted by King Malcome of Scotland there to see his cousin married to Stryder. He finally says that he will allow Kenna to marry the winner of the tournament but Stryder is known as the undefeated champion and even to escape a marriage he doesn't want and for his friendship with Simon he will not allow Simon to win. Simon is determined to win but the strap on his horse breaks and he crashes to the ground in defeat. Stryder apologizes but Simon is angry with him, Stryder stalks away but Simon sees someone fixing to shoot Stryder and charges Stryder knocking him to the ground and taking the arrow meant for Stryder..............

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