Nov 21, 2012


Malice (New Orleans, #6)Malice by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rick Bentz wakes from a near fatal accident with a vision of his ex-wife who has been dead for 12 years. As he slowly recovers he spots "Jennifer" more and more until a package it mailed to him with recent pictures of the Jennifer look alike and her death certificate with a huge question mark.

Determined to discover if his ex is still alive he leaves for Los Angeles and begins talking to Jenifer's friends. Each reveals new information about Jennifer and Bentz begins to investigate the leads but then the friends start dying one by one. After Bentz finds the second victim he falls under suspicion in the murders.

And the 21 killer has returned, killing another set of twins on their 21st birthday.

Olivia desperate to reconnect with her husband and tell him of her pregnancy flies to Los Angeles to be with Bentz but instead of being picked up by the police officer assigned to escort her to Bentz she is picked up by a cold blooded killer who plans to film her death so Bentz can watch his wife die in torment.

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