Nov 26, 2012

Dead Sleep

Dead Sleep (Mississippi #3)Dead Sleep by Greg Iles
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Jordan Glass has followed in her Father's footsteps as a photojournalist. She still holds out hope that Jonathan Glass didn't die in Cambodia, and has spent her life looking for him.

Now her twin sister (Jane) is missing. Fearing the worst she has almost given up hope when she views a portrait of her sister in The Hong Kong Museum of Art. The exhibit is titled "Sleeping Women" but they look dead and they are all of women who disappeared from New Orleans. Contacting the FBI with her discovery she heads back to the States. Using her contacts she finds the art dealer who sold the paintings and pays him a visit, realizing he knows more then he is telling and fearing for her life she starts to leave when an explosion ends the art dealers life and Jordan barely escapes from the building. The FBI agent that was on the scene was killed in his car, and the murder nearly grabs Jordan.

Using her skills as a photographer and the information she has Jordan manages to get the FBI to include her in their investigation. The chemistry between her and Agent John Kaiser is instant and they begin a romantic relationship in between investigating the suspects.

When Jordan is taken prisoner she can only pray that John will find her in time but determined to survive she uses her wits to outwit the killer. Rescued in the nick of time she has barely recovered from an insulin overdose when a mysterious man from her Father's past ask to see her in person. Since De Becque is a fugitive she must fly to his home on Grand Cayman to meet with him, but the surprise he has in store for her is well worth the trip.

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