Aug 31, 2012

Alasandra's Reading List ~ August

  1. Sure Fire by Jack Higgins - Jade and Rich meet their Father and get drawn into his "job", but it seems that the kids take after their Dad and have a knack for getting out of tough situations.
  2. Ask your Animal by Marta Williams (highly recommend)
  3. Beyond Words by Marta Williams (highly recommend)
  4.  Touch the Devil by Jack Higgins - Liam Devlin breaks Martin Brosnan and Jack Savary out of Belle Isle. Beliving Frank Barry is responsible for his cousin Norah's death Brosnan goes after him but we he discovers Ferguson lied Barry isn't the only one to fear Brosnan's wrath 
  5. Tarot for the Healing Heart Using Inner Wisdom to Heal Body and Mind by Christine Jette
  6. Birth Times A Scientific Investigation of the Secrets of Astrology by Michel Gauquelin 
  7. Secrets of Tarot by Annie Lionnet 
  8. Without Mercy by Jack Higgins - The Russians have plans to kill off the Prime Ministers Private Army and a recuperating Hannah Bernstein is their first target. But her death spurs Dillon to seek revenge. 
  9. The Wolf At The Door by Jack Higgins - imprisoned in Lubyanka Daniel Holley is willing to do anything to gain his freedom, but when his plan goes South he decides to help the other side.   
  10. Astrology for Dummies by Rae Orion
  11. Wrath of The Lion by Jack Higgins - Raoul Guyon and Neil Mallory find love in the Channel Islands but the OAS may put an end to any happy ending they had hoped for.
  12.  Solo by Jack Higgins - When the "Cretan Lover" runs down colonel Asa Morgan's daughter Morgan sets out to uncover his identity and end his life.
  13. Thunder Point by Jack Higgins - Ferguson finally finds a way to put Dillon behind bars only to discover that he needs him for a job.  
  14. The White House Connection by Jack Higgins - When a highly placed spy in the White House gets Lady Helen's son killed she sets out to kill all those responsible for her son's death. 
  15. The Keys of Hell by Jack Higgins - Paul Chavasse is set up by a lovely lady, can he see through her in time. 
  16. The Killing Ground by Jack Higgins - When Sarah Rashid is kidnapped by her Grandfather and promised to the "Hammer of God" in marriage Caspar Rashid ask Dillon and Salter for help retrieving her. 
  17. Storm Warning by Jack Higgins -  A group of Germans (9 sailors, 5 nuns and an elderly couple) trapped in South America set out for Germany before the war ends in an old schooner. When an hurricane strikes off the coast of Fhada they are forced to call for help.  Necker (a German pilot ditches his mission and circles overhead for as long as possible to relay their messages to Fhada and to provide the lifeboat with a marker. Murdoch with a crew of old men sets out in the lifeboat to save them but is forced onto a reef and is forced to return to port. While Murdoch is unconscious Jago and his crew along with Admiral Carey Reeve  take the gunboat from the other side of the island and attempt a rescue. But disaster strikes and the gunboat is sunk, Jago and the survivors of his crew manage to scramble onto the schooner. There only chance of rescue comes from Gericke (German Prisoner of War) and Murdoch working with the islanders to drag the lifeboat across the island in order to put out. But when the lifeboat gets to the schooner Helmut Richter will choose to stay behind with the trapped Lottie. 
  18. Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz - Odd Thomas and Annamaria are guest at Roseland a lavish estate that holds dark secrets. Odd must save a boy and destroy Roseland, before the "freaks/porkers" kill him. But they do not pose the only danger. No one is who they seem to be and Odd must trust no one in order to survive. 
  19. Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson -  Scientist summon Archos but are terrified of "it's" intelligence.  They try to pull the plug to late and robots start turning on humans,  but humanity will band together in order to survive  The War. 
  20. The Khufra Run by Jack Higgins - Nelson and Turk survive Vietnam but can they survive helping Sister Clair recover a lost fortune from the Khufra Swamps.

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