Jun 13, 2012

America is a Secular Nation

I fear our public education is in even worse shape then I thought after reading the letters to the editor for June 13, in The Sun Herald.

First we have Jeffrey Chastain stating.

The Founders were deeply religious individuals who believed in, and fought for, their right to religious liberty. It was respect for this right, not hatred of Christianity which led to the Constitution as we know it.

The Revolutionary War was over "taxation without representation. It had nothing at all to do with religion or religious liberty. I fervently hope that Mr. Chastain slept through history class and his uninformed drivel  isn't a sample of what public school students are being taught.   

The Founders were also comprised of individuals of many different beliefs Atheist, Deist and Christians were amongst the Founders. They all agreed that the United States of America would be a SECULAR Nation, in order to prevent the bigotry, intolerance and religious conflict that had plagued Europe for centuries. They wanted our laws to be based or reason and facts not religious superstitions and papal edicts. And they wanted to prevent any religion no matter how popular it was or how many adherents it claimed to have from being able to force their religious views and beliefs on others through our laws.

Alice Jones needs to go back and read the actual writings of the Founders of our Nation. Especially Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine then she would realize how ridiculous her entire letter was.

Kay Cerisier obviously failed American History and Government

Our founding document is the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution, 

The Declaration of Independence did not establish US law. The Constitution, a deliberately secular document, did.

Of course since Ms. Cerisier is trying to promote her religious beliefs pesky little things like the truth should be ignored.  

As for the Declaration of Independence mentioning a  Creator, for all she knows the Creator they were referring to was the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  "Creator" is not a uniquely Christian term. Many religions believe in a single creator including Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism.  In fact The Declaration of Independence contains a deistic reference to "the Creator," None of the founding documents mention Jesus Christ at all, not even Cerisier's precious Declaration of Independence.

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