Mar 24, 2012

Sunday @ Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Sunday (March 18th) we went to Torrey Pines after it stopped raining. After the sun came out we were able to drive the convertible with the top down which was fun. It was interesting seeing San Diego after they had a good rain, lots of beautiful wildflowers were blooming and as always the views were breathtaking.

I took this picture for my youngest son who loves rocks.

We hiked the Razor Point Trail to Yucca Point, then took the Beach Trail to the Broken Hill Trail. We choose not to actually go down to the beach as it was windy (sand blew it our eyes at one point, ouch).  The Broken Hill Trail (South Fork) is next to the Torrey Pines Golf Course so we saw it.

Flower 1
I would love to know the name of these wildflowers if anyone can identify them.

Flower 2 (yellow) Flower 3 (red)
I really liked the red and yellow flowers growing next to each other.

Flower 4
These pink flowers were pretty too. They look really delicate.

Breathtaking views made the hike a pleasure.

Flower 5
These white flowers were very attractive, the picture doesn't do them justice.

From the Broken Hill Trail we took the Old Highway, which is closed to motor vehicles, back to the parking lot.

Flower 6
Would really like to know the name of this purple wildflower, it was gorgeous and growing all over the place.

I shared more pictures of Torrey Pines here and here.

After all that hiking were were ready for lunch. We ate at the Soup Plantation, it's perfect for a casual lunch and very filling. The creamy broccoli soup and chilli I had with my salad were delicious, and the strawberry lemonade was the perfect thirst quencher.

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