Mar 5, 2012

From the Rush Wanna Be..........................

 Kipp has blocked the Alawine's from commenting on his Radio Show's Facebook page, he took umbrage at me for explaining that the abbreviation Xmas stands for Christmas and that X is a widely accepted abbreviation for Christ amongst intellectuals. Which sadly Kipp and the majority of his listeners  are not.
 This is from our former resident troll Bo an email this morning. I have not, nor will I respond (not worth my time) however I thought I would share:
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    • NewsRadio 104.9 Kipp,

      I'll keep it simple. If I were to call into your show today and call your daughter a "slut", a "prostitute" and talk about how much sex she's having, would that be a "poor choice of words"?

      Or would it be a personal attack because she's the daughter of a conservative radio talk show host?

      On a related note, surely you'd allow me to do such a thing, since you are so committed to the freedom of speech (which apparently gives anyone license to spout whatever slander they see fit) that you'd defend Mr. Limbaugh.

      Seriously. I realize that you have a role to play to keep the ratings up, but you are defending the indefensible.



    • Steve Taylor Putz. Schmo. Ah, hell ... it ain't even worth the effort to attempt it ... Putz.

    • Derek Winning Dean Bo's going to end up on the wrong side of history.

    • Max Heidel Say what you want about the topic, but KG you're going to post this on a public forum that you have blocked Bo from accessing, and allow commentary. That's pretty crappy.
      I agree but then KG has already shown himself to be a bully.

    • Steven Pluff Don't let this troll get inside your head. Fluke asked for it by going on his show. She has got to be a definite plant by the opposition to discredit the GOP in their fight against this absurd mandate. The gov't wants to keep religion out of its business (separation of church and state) so lets keep gov't out of religions business (and our beliefs).
      I thought Rush Limbaugh was an idiot but Steven Pluff you undoubtedly are even stupider then Rush. Sandra Fluke did NOT go on Rush Limbaugh's show. She testified in front of Congress you moron. And her testimony was on behalf of all women who would benefit from the Affordable Health Care Act. 

    • Laura Davenport I commend KG for blocking this loon. I'm sure the tasteless and idiotic comments he would bring to this forum would be blocked by facebook anyway. If you have to attack someone's child to try to make a point, you are a coward and have no true defense for the argument. This has nothing to do with being conservative or a liberal, attacks like these come from the person not what side of the fence they stand on. It just happens to be that the majority of morons that use theae kinds of attacks are libs!
       Laura Davenport you are undoubtedly a blond bimbo, you seem to have missed the point entirely Rush Limbaugh the Big Fat Idiot Kipp is defending attacked someone's child on national TV no less.  And honey while Rush is many things he isn't a liberal.

    • NewsRadio 104.9 Just trying to point out the mean spirited attacks and hypocrocy of the left Max....the group you seam to side with more and more. Don't like it? Sorry....leave or don't comment on it.

    • Derek Winning Dean Max can't resist us. Our bacon/southern christianity makes us among the most cuddly.

    • Derek Winning Dean If you want to tango in your point of view there is the entire national media, WLOX, blogs, and such. Have fun

    • Max Heidel KG, I'm not siding with anyone on this. Every time someone says something outrageous, they deserve to be called on it. You didn't call out Breitbart, for example, when he said what he did about Kennedy dying. The selective memory of both sides is the problem. Again, it boils down to a simple rule. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    • Max Heidel You're right, Derek, you're just too damned adorable, all fattening and bad for my health!

    • Derek Winning Dean I'll be taken when it's my time. Keeing the BMI around 15 helps, but its not my exclusive health measurement. Moderate indulgence does help well-being and reduce stress. But I'm sure you know that.

    • Derek Winning Dean Is there a reason why you're so mad all the time? You can tell me. It's just you and I here.

    • Max Heidel Me? I'm not mad at all. Why aren't you asking the same of someone like Gina Miller? That's what I have problems with. You suggest I'm mad and that there is no reason for me to be, yet twice weekly, you get some really ridiculous ranting and either fail to ask why, or agree.

    • Max Heidel Lol, Laura, so its ok for Limbaugh to say those things but not Bo or anyone else? That's wonderful!

    • Avi Knight I heard a guest on the Bill Cunningham show last make a perfect statement; "Are the Jesuits up there running a college or a brothel". Limbaugh made a mistake with his words, but the young woman spoke foolishly AND she is a law student AND obviously she needs her bcp and wants US to pay for them. Plain and simple...NO! If she can go to a fancy ivy league school then I seriously doubt that a pack of pills are really straining her budget.
       Avi Knight nowhere in her testimony did she ask that you pay for her oral contraceptives. She asked that her insurance policy which she pays for and which  covers prescriptions include oral contraceptives. Women are rather tired of paying the same price for their insurance policies that men do but having their prescriptions denied.  Fluke did not speak foolishly and you should listen to her testimony before making inane statements like that. Rush was having problems with reality when he told his audience what she said (nice way of saying Rush is a BIG FAT LIAR).  Her chief concern was for women who needed oral contraceptives to treat or prevent a medical condition.

    • Michael Bialota The question he should have asked is "If your daughter was paid a couple hundred dollars and expenses would she read a phony script in front of Congress? If so she needs to hang around a bus station restroom and try to get her self respect back. This shill, Ms Fluke must be paying the same for a condom as she does for a gallon of gas......

    • Scott Burnside Easy Max, Gina Miller is the closest thing to Alex Jones that I can get on 104.9

    • Max Heidel Scott, that's all you have to say..... Although Jones is WAY better than Gina Miller.

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