Mar 31, 2012

Alasandra's Reading List ~ March

  1. Hellhole by Brian Herbert & Kevin J Anderson (an all new epic) - Great read. Diadem Michella Duchenet is a ruthless dictator willing to destroy anything and anyone who gets in her way including her own daughter. After being defeated in battle General Tiber Maximillian Adolphus  was exiled to Hallholme a barren Deep Zone planet where he and his fellow exiles were expected to die. Especially since Diadem Michella had their supplies sabotaged. Only thru aid from an anonymous benefactor were they able to survive the first year. Now the planet is thriving and Adolphus has plans to unite the Deep Zone planets so they will no longer have to pay crushing tributes to the Diadem's Empire. A mysterious alien race is discovered on Hallholme and the Xayan's pledge their support to General Adolphus after Diadem Michella ruthlessly murders the Xayan Ambassadors. 
  2. Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell - you can read my review here.
  3. Slow Gardening by Felder Rushing - chock full of great gardening ideas, I plan to try some of them. 
  4. A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean - couldn't get into it.
  5. Storm Front by Jim Butcher - Harry is asked to find a missing husband who is into magic, Murphy wants Harry to tell her how magic was used to rip the hearts out of two people. Sounds simple right, but he also has to prove to the White Council that he isn't the killer and Morgan is breathing down his neck just waiting for Harry to slip up. Not to mention the killer wants Harry dead, and has everything he needs to insure Harry dies during the next storm. 
  6. Tender is the storm by Johanna Lindsey - bodice ripping romance, great vacation read. Spoilt  New York socialite Sharisse Hammond meets the man of her dreams on a ranch in the Arizona Territory. 
  7. The Myths, Legends, and Lore of Ireland by Ryan Hackney and Amy Hackney Blackwell - rather boring and not at all what I expected very few myths, legends or lore in the book mostly a dry history of Ireland. 
  8. An Angel With Fur by Russell Blake - Very moving story of how Russell adopts Lobo from a shelter, they battle Lobo's cancer and win only to have Lobo die later from complications due to his allergy medicine.  You can read more about Lobo @ Russell Blake's website.
  9. Fool Moon by Jim Butcher - When FBI Agent Denton and his team make a deal to become Hexenwolfs in order to kill the bad guys without getting caught they need fall guys. They have a foolproof plan to blame the killings on the Streetwolves (lycanthropes) to the police and on Loup-garou, Harley MacFinn to the White Council. Unfortunately for Harry Dresden he is the only one that can stop them, but battered and bruised does he have enough magic left to succeed.
  10. Crashers by Dana Haynes - Great Book. When a Cascade Air Flight  crashes the NTSB rushes to find out why. Tommy (pathologist) through a stroke of luck happens to be nearby and is first on the scene. Thanks to his heroic actions key evidence is preserved. Everything seems to be pointing to pilot error. But then FBI agent Ray Calabrese shows up convinced that Irish Terrorist brought the plane down. Unbeknownst to the players the man responsible for the crash has inserted himself on the NTSB team and is tampering with the evidence to make it look like pilot error. When it is apparent that the team has figured out how the plane was crashed he arranges to bring the "swap-out"  plane down. The quick thinking of Isaiah Grey who is piloting the "swap-out" plane allows them to land on the Interstate. Realizing they have no time to waste and that another air craft is in danger Ray attempts to contact his superiors only to find that he has been declared a rogue agent by his friend and fellow agent Lucas Bell. Realizing that Lucas Bell can blow Daria's cover at any time and that there is no time to waste if the target aircraft is to be saved, Ray talks the NTSB survivors of the "swap-out" plane's emergency landing into a desperate flight to save the target air craft and the woman he loves. Meanwhile after her cover is blown Daria makes a heroic effort to survive  in order to foil the terrorist plot.
  11. Grave Peril by Jim Butcher - Harry and Michael (Knight of the Cross) have been battling a lot of stirred up ghost, whatever is stirring them up and tormenting them seems to have a grudge against Harry, Michael & Murphy. When Harry and an escort get invited by the Vampire Court in his role as local representative of the White Council to a reception celebrating the elevation of Madame Bianca to margravine of the Red Court of Vampires.his girlfriend Susan Rodriguez insist on going even though Harry warns her of the danger. Unfortunately after having his Godmother Lea (Leanansidhe) try to kill him and losing Michael's sword (Amoracchius) he forgets about Susan's desire to go to the vampire reception. Realizing that Baroness Bianca has something to do with the "ghost" he and Michael attend the reception, unbeknownst to Harry Susan took his invitation and had it replicated so she could get into the party. Thomas (Vampire from the White Court) and his date Justine befriend Harry. Justine pleads with Harry to help her and Thomas escape the reception alive when Thomas is receiving his "gift" from Baroness Bianca. Against his better judgement Harry agrees. Baroness Bianca  gifts Harry with a gravestone saying he died "doing the right thing". Then Leanansidhe gifts Baroness Bianca with Amoracchius and she gives it to Mavra to kill Lydia ( a woman Harry promised to protect). If Amoracchius is used to spill innocent blood it will loose it's power. Michael insist that it must be "saved" from being unmade and will do it with or without Harry's help. To their surprise Thomas agrees to help them. They save Lydia (not her real name) but the sword is out of their reach. During their retreat Justine is captured and Baroness Bianca makes a deal with Thomas. Believing himself doomed Harry rains down FIRE and destroys many vampires before Michael is able to get him and Lydia out. Thomas shows up at Harry's apartment with Amoracchius, and begs Harry to help him free Justine and Susan. Harry comes up with a plan to use the Nevernever to get into Baroness Bianca's. Leaving Thomas and Michale in the Nevernever he goes into Baroness Bianca's alone and is promptly captured. He is eventually thrown into the basement with Justine and  Susan where he discovers that Susan has been turned into a vampire but that the change isn't complete yet because she hasn't feed. Harry, Justine and Susan escape causing a war between the White Council and the Red Court. Harry ask Susan to marry him but due to her half-vampire status she refuses and leaves town.  

Mar 24, 2012

Sunday @ Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Sunday (March 18th) we went to Torrey Pines after it stopped raining. After the sun came out we were able to drive the convertible with the top down which was fun. It was interesting seeing San Diego after they had a good rain, lots of beautiful wildflowers were blooming and as always the views were breathtaking.

I took this picture for my youngest son who loves rocks.

We hiked the Razor Point Trail to Yucca Point, then took the Beach Trail to the Broken Hill Trail. We choose not to actually go down to the beach as it was windy (sand blew it our eyes at one point, ouch).  The Broken Hill Trail (South Fork) is next to the Torrey Pines Golf Course so we saw it.

Flower 1
I would love to know the name of these wildflowers if anyone can identify them.

Flower 2 (yellow) Flower 3 (red)
I really liked the red and yellow flowers growing next to each other.

Flower 4
These pink flowers were pretty too. They look really delicate.

Breathtaking views made the hike a pleasure.

Flower 5
These white flowers were very attractive, the picture doesn't do them justice.

From the Broken Hill Trail we took the Old Highway, which is closed to motor vehicles, back to the parking lot.

Flower 6
Would really like to know the name of this purple wildflower, it was gorgeous and growing all over the place.

I shared more pictures of Torrey Pines here and here.

After all that hiking were were ready for lunch. We ate at the Soup Plantation, it's perfect for a casual lunch and very filling. The creamy broccoli soup and chilli I had with my salad were delicious, and the strawberry lemonade was the perfect thirst quencher.

Mar 23, 2012

Mary Larson ask an important ? in today's LTE

Who should control a woman’s life? 

Last week Maureen Dowd of The New York Times wrote an extraordinarily provocative column titled “Why have men become so hostile toward women?” She wrote of several inane steps that legislators, mostly men, are taking to curb women’s freedoms.

In my lifetime I have seen how Roe v. Wade has affected women’s lives before, during and now close to after its legality. In the Sound Off portion of the Sun Herald there have been a few questions raised as to why women should feel their rights have been diminished. If some of proposed legislation is passed, we could return to the “good old days” before Roe.

Women had little control over when they were to be in a family way. Contraceptives were not easily obtained due to stigma and cost, and some refused to use them.

Before women would be offered a job, prospective employers asked about marital status and, if married, whether they were pregnant, which could be disruptive to work schedules. Businesses could hire men who would not need to take time away from work. Banks and mortgage companies also were worried about women losing pay due to maternity leave. They routinely requested that a man -- husband, father or brother -- sign for the loan.

There were no legal and safe abortions. Women sought after willing doctors regardless of procedural safety. Those who could not avail of a doctor’s help, helped themselves. Oh yes, women, if prevented from terminating an unwanted pregnancy legally, will find another way. When women are coerced into giving birth for adoptions, they will spend the rest of their lives wondering whether the people they see might be the children they had to give away.

Are we going back to women dying because of unsafe abortions, leaving babies in doorways or even in dumpsters, and more mothers and children being relegated to welfare?

This issue is not about killing babies. I believe it is about controlling women’s lives. Free and available contraception, along with sex education, cuts the need for the procedure. Abortions should be the last resort. Crosses in church yards that represent the number of fetuses aborted indicate the lack of contraception options. As women have fewer choices, more will be forced to choose the old methods of determining when to have children. Control as to when and if women give birth should be theirs.
Remember the movie about the Stepford wives? I recall it presented a chilling message regarding women’s roles. Could we be headed backward?


 Letters to the Editor Sun Herald

Media Matters’ Desperate Need to Focus on Rush Limbaugh

According to Erick Erickson's post Media Matters’ Desperate Need to Focus on Rush Limbaugh

That now presents a conundrum for conservatives. We absolutely should be defending Rush Limbaugh. But in the mean time we should also not let up on Media Matters and its tax exempt status. The Daily Caller’s reporting suggests Media Matters should not be tax exempt. Media Matters’ behavior of late also suggests while they want to shut down Rush by driving away his advertisers, Media Matters might have its own problems with its donors

Really I thought Conservatives believed in THE BIBLE.  one of The Ten Commandments is;

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Rush  LIED about what Sandra Fluke said, he broke one of The Ten Commandments. He then went on to say vile things about Ms. Fluke and then he suggested that she make sex tapes. And the Conservatives are convinced they should be defending him?

If the conservatives weren't a bunch of hypocritical women haters they would be condemning him. There is absolutely no justification for Rush's crude remarks concerning Ms. Fluke.

Mar 21, 2012

No Comparison

If anyone is out of touch with reality it's Newt Gingrich. There is no comparison between De Niro's one time attempt at a joke that was in poor taste at a fund raiser no less and Rush Limbaugh's calling a private citizen a slut on National Television over the course of several days.

"What De Niro said last night was inexcusable, and the president should apologize for him. It was at an Obama fund-raiser. It is exactly wrong; it divides the country," Gingrich said, according to CNN.

He also drew a comparison to the flap over Rush Limbaugh's remarks, suggesting that those on the left are quick to criticize conservative figures yet do not do so when it comes to liberals. 

Expecting the same amount of outrage over De Niro's inappropriate remark  and Rush's attack on a private citizens' character is ludicrous. If Newt doesn't get that he is seriously out of touch with reality.

Mar 9, 2012

It's about more then Birth Control

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer among women, and it causes more deaths than any other type of female reproductive cancer. Ovarian cancer is rarely diagnosed in its early stages. It is usually quite advanced by the time diagnosis is made, but by simply taking an oral contraceptive a woman can greatly reduce the risk of contracting ovarian cancer.

Oral Contraceptives are also used to treat acne, heavy periods which can lead to anemia, irregular periods and reduce the symptoms of PMS.  While these issues may seem trivial to the male population they are not trivial to the women who endure these physical problems.

More serious medical conditions that are treated with oral contraceptives are Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which is a common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age. Treatment with oral contraceptives reduces the risk of long-term complications, such as Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease. Since the oral contraceptives prevent cyst from forming a woman also doesn’t have to worry about facing emergency surgery if a cyst ruptures.  Endometriosis is a female health disorder that occurs when cells from the lining of the womb (uterus) grow in other areas of the body. This can lead to pain, irregular bleeding, and problems getting pregnant again one of the treatments is oral contraceptives.

Studies have consistently shown that using oral contraceptives reduces the risk of ovarian cancer; studies have also shown oral contraceptive use significantly reduces the risk of endometrial cancer (National Cancer Institute). So it is unconscionable that any employer would insist that a woman’s medical insurance deny coverage of this medication.  Thanks to the Affordable Healthcare Act many more women will now be able to use a medication that will allow them to live happier, pain free and more productive lives.

Mar 6, 2012

Poor Rush and The Nutcase Who Defends Him

Well according to nutcase Gina Miller I should feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh poor thing the left has declared war on him, Left’s War on Rush is No Fluke as Advertisers Flee. Apparently right wing nutcases should be allowed to make up anything their little hearts desire broadcast it as fact on national TV and accompany with vile invectives and we should all put up with it because it's "free speech" right. Never mind about those pesky little things like slander and libel.

According to Miller
The people of the radical Left in our nation are engaged in an aggressive, deliberate assault on our freedom of speech, our freedom to call them out and expose the awful truth of their communist agenda.  They would love nothing more than to silence us, to stop our ability to shine the light of truth on their evil schemes to rob the American people of our God-given freedoms, our money, and our way of life, which is what communism is about.

As part of this war against us, in the past week we have seen members of the radical, communist Left whip themselves into a vicious frenzy at America’s top conservative talk radio commentator, Rush Limbaugh, and it is no accident—no fluke, you might say.  By now you have heard the story.  Rush called the feminist activist, Sandra Fluke, a slut and a prostitute for the nature of her testimony before a Democrat mock hearing in Washington (apparently her name is not pronounced as it is spelled, but since it supposedly rhymes with “duck,” I’ll just stay safe here on the radio and pronounce it the way it looks).  Rush has since apologized to her for his choice of words.

The nature of her testimony, has Miller even bothered to listen to Ms Fluke's testimony? I think not or she would know that Ms Fluke's chief concern was for those who need oral contraceptives for MEDICAL reasons. As for Rush's apology .............seriously does anyone think Rush is sorry for what he said? Sorry his advertisers are leaving in droves maybe.

Sandra Fluke was praising and defending Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional dictate that contraceptive coverage (which includes abortion-inducing drugs) be made mandatory in health care policies, even if an organization has moral and religious objections to it.  Rush correctly pointed out the absurdity of the Left’s notion that American citizens should be required to foot the bill for horn-dog college kids’ recreational sex.  He is absolutely right in that.

There is nothing illegal or unconstitutional about wanting the insurance policy one pays for and that covers prescription medicines to cover  all your prescription medication including oral contraceptives. After all women pay the same price as men do for their insurance policies but for years we have been getting cheated by having to pay out of pocket for oral contraceptives while MEN get coverage for Viagra. Miller of course again conveniently ignores the fact that oral contraceptives are used to treat acne, irregular periods, heavy periods which can lead to anemia,  the growth of cyst on the ovaries (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and has been shown to prevent ovarian and uterine cancers.

Sandra Fluke is a radical feminist activist who is a sterling example of what our government-run public schools produce today—little communist automatons who are clueless about, or even hostile to, the true freedoms with which this Judeo-Christian foundation nation has richly blessed them.  They have been miseducated about the United States and the blessings of liberty and prosperity the capitalist system of our country have provided.  They do not even understand the deadly tyranny which they stupidly work to bring about.

The only one who appears to be confused is Gina Miller. First off wanting reproductive justice doesn't make one a communist. Wanting ones insurance policy which one pays for to cover women's prescriptions the same way it covers men's prescriptions doesn't make you a communist.  Really can't the right come up with anything better then labeling anyone who disagrees with them on any point a communist, oh wait they did if your a woman and you disagree with them then you get labeled a slut and a prostitute.  One has to wonder if they even know the definition of communist the way they throw it around.  Secondly Ms Miller our nation wasn't founded on Judeo-Christian principals it was founded on the Principals of the Enlightenment. See Five founders who were skeptical of organized Christianity and couldn't be elected today for further clarification. And the only ones who seem to be interested in inflicting tyranny on anyone is the religious right who wish to control women and their bodies. 

This whole contraceptive business is a total ruse by the communist Left.  It is not about “women’s health.”  This is about a full-frontal assault on Americans’ fundamental freedoms of conscience and religion, and it’s about an out-of-control man in the presidency who is illegally dictating things he has no authority to do, in this case, spitting on our God-given, First Amendment-protected freedom of religion.  He can’t do that!  Nor can he compel private insurance companies to cover products which they do not choose to cover.

Yes, it is so unreasonable for women to want to lead happier more productive lives. It is so unreasonable that we want access to medication that treats acne, irregular periods, heavy periods which can lead to anemia,  the growth of cyst on the ovaries (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and has been shown to prevent ovarian and uterine cancers. Cancers for which there is no early diagnostic screening and whose prognosis is grim once it is diagnosed.

This is also about a strong-arm campaign to silence powerful voices on the Right, and by extension, all of us.  After Rush called Sandra Fluke a slut, the Left went into high gear with a targeting of his show’s advertisers, and several of them immediately bowed to the contrived pressure.  Who knows how many paid activists were involved in phoning and e-mailing those companies?  I would wager that there were many 

Let’s talk for a moment about this reaction by the advertisers.  Who are these advertisers?  As of this writing, the list includes, Sleep Train, Sleep Number, Legal Zoom, Citrix, Quicken Loans, Carbonite and Pro Flowers. 

 I am pleased to be able to announce that Sears and Allstate have also pulled their advertisements.  As for who complained to the advertisers I  would wager that it was mainly people left and right who were disgusted that anyone would label someone a slut and a prostitute on national TV merely because they disagreed with her views. And for those who took the time to actually listen to Ms Fluke's testimony I imagine there was a fair amount of outrage that an old man could so misconstrue what she said and change the debate from getting needed medication for women with medical conditions to the amount of sex women were supposedly getting and his demand to watch. And it is disingenuous of Ms Miller to claim that the LEFT uses strong-arm tactics.

A little background on the issue of outright fabrication is provided by an experience of the Procter and Gamble Company. Somewhere on the extreme fringes of the religious right the rumor was started in the early 1980s that Procter and Gamble, the soap company, was owned by satanists and that all of P&G's profits went to the Church of Satan. Apparently some "Christian" had noticed the venerable P&G trademark, which shows the man in the moon and thirteen stars honoring the thirteen colonies, and in the total absence of any evidence decided that this was a satanic symbol. Soon photocopied sheets detailing the sins of P&G were circulating in every part of the country, and as the story spread, it grew. Ultimately it was claimed that P&G was wholly owned by the satanic church and that its officials had appeared on the Donahue show discussing their links to satanism.

Finding themselves attacked by religious fanatics, Procter and Gamble fought back. Expecting that any story so absurd and so easily disproved could be quickly stopped, the company established a toll-flee public information number and hired private detectives to find out who was spreading the lies. In many states lawsuits were filed against those circulating literature containing the false stories. Sent to all ministers in affected areas were public relations packets with statements from Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Draper of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Joseph Bernardin, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Cincinnati, all certifying that the story was a lie. Statements from the Donahue people denied that anyone from P&G had ever even been on that program, or that Donahue had ever even done a show on a related topic.

All to no avail--the religious extremists whom P&G was up against believed and printed whatever they wanted to, regardless of the quality or quantity of the contradictory evidence. Having the truth was nowhere near as important to them as having a target. After trying for years with all the legal, financial, and public relations resources of one of America's largest companies, an incredulous P&G finally had to throw in the towel and get rid of its trademark. They simply could not stop the willful and intentional fabrications of religious extremists.

The point is this: If an entity as innocuous as a soap company can become the target of religious irrationality and be totally unable to stop the subsequent campaign of lies, what chance do the rest of us have.

The right invented them. But Gina Miller does them one better she turns on the former advertisers that pulled their support from Rush's show. 

 Meanwhile, we will stand with Rush, and we will drop those cowardly advertisers who dropped him.  We will continue to expose the charlatans on the Left who are trying to create a false “war on women” which only exists in their lying sound bites.  We know what this is really about; it is about trying to distract from a tyrannical usurpation of our freedom of religion by the power-mad man in the White House, and the despicable attempts to steal our freedom of speech and silence our most beloved voices on talk radio.  We must not let them succeed.

Ms Miller Freedom of Religion does not give you the right to impose your religious beliefs on others and it doesn't give you the right to deny women the healthcare they deserve.  And Freedom of Speech does not give Rush the right to slander a young lady who was speaking before Congress on behalf of the many women who want reproductive justice.

Mar 5, 2012

From the Rush Wanna Be..........................

 Kipp has blocked the Alawine's from commenting on his Radio Show's Facebook page, he took umbrage at me for explaining that the abbreviation Xmas stands for Christmas and that X is a widely accepted abbreviation for Christ amongst intellectuals. Which sadly Kipp and the majority of his listeners  are not.
 This is from our former resident troll Bo an email this morning. I have not, nor will I respond (not worth my time) however I thought I would share:
  • Max Heidel and 5 others like this.

    • NewsRadio 104.9 Kipp,

      I'll keep it simple. If I were to call into your show today and call your daughter a "slut", a "prostitute" and talk about how much sex she's having, would that be a "poor choice of words"?

      Or would it be a personal attack because she's the daughter of a conservative radio talk show host?

      On a related note, surely you'd allow me to do such a thing, since you are so committed to the freedom of speech (which apparently gives anyone license to spout whatever slander they see fit) that you'd defend Mr. Limbaugh.

      Seriously. I realize that you have a role to play to keep the ratings up, but you are defending the indefensible.



    • Steve Taylor Putz. Schmo. Ah, hell ... it ain't even worth the effort to attempt it ... Putz.

    • Derek Winning Dean Bo's going to end up on the wrong side of history.

    • Max Heidel Say what you want about the topic, but KG you're going to post this on a public forum that you have blocked Bo from accessing, and allow commentary. That's pretty crappy.
      I agree but then KG has already shown himself to be a bully.

    • Steven Pluff Don't let this troll get inside your head. Fluke asked for it by going on his show. She has got to be a definite plant by the opposition to discredit the GOP in their fight against this absurd mandate. The gov't wants to keep religion out of its business (separation of church and state) so lets keep gov't out of religions business (and our beliefs).
      I thought Rush Limbaugh was an idiot but Steven Pluff you undoubtedly are even stupider then Rush. Sandra Fluke did NOT go on Rush Limbaugh's show. She testified in front of Congress you moron. And her testimony was on behalf of all women who would benefit from the Affordable Health Care Act. 

    • Laura Davenport I commend KG for blocking this loon. I'm sure the tasteless and idiotic comments he would bring to this forum would be blocked by facebook anyway. If you have to attack someone's child to try to make a point, you are a coward and have no true defense for the argument. This has nothing to do with being conservative or a liberal, attacks like these come from the person not what side of the fence they stand on. It just happens to be that the majority of morons that use theae kinds of attacks are libs!
       Laura Davenport you are undoubtedly a blond bimbo, you seem to have missed the point entirely Rush Limbaugh the Big Fat Idiot Kipp is defending attacked someone's child on national TV no less.  And honey while Rush is many things he isn't a liberal.

    • NewsRadio 104.9 Just trying to point out the mean spirited attacks and hypocrocy of the left Max....the group you seam to side with more and more. Don't like it? Sorry....leave or don't comment on it.

    • Derek Winning Dean Max can't resist us. Our bacon/southern christianity makes us among the most cuddly.

    • Derek Winning Dean If you want to tango in your point of view there is the entire national media, WLOX, blogs, and such. Have fun

    • Max Heidel KG, I'm not siding with anyone on this. Every time someone says something outrageous, they deserve to be called on it. You didn't call out Breitbart, for example, when he said what he did about Kennedy dying. The selective memory of both sides is the problem. Again, it boils down to a simple rule. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    • Max Heidel You're right, Derek, you're just too damned adorable, all fattening and bad for my health!

    • Derek Winning Dean I'll be taken when it's my time. Keeing the BMI around 15 helps, but its not my exclusive health measurement. Moderate indulgence does help well-being and reduce stress. But I'm sure you know that.

    • Derek Winning Dean Is there a reason why you're so mad all the time? You can tell me. It's just you and I here.

    • Max Heidel Me? I'm not mad at all. Why aren't you asking the same of someone like Gina Miller? That's what I have problems with. You suggest I'm mad and that there is no reason for me to be, yet twice weekly, you get some really ridiculous ranting and either fail to ask why, or agree.

    • Max Heidel Lol, Laura, so its ok for Limbaugh to say those things but not Bo or anyone else? That's wonderful!

    • Avi Knight I heard a guest on the Bill Cunningham show last make a perfect statement; "Are the Jesuits up there running a college or a brothel". Limbaugh made a mistake with his words, but the young woman spoke foolishly AND she is a law student AND obviously she needs her bcp and wants US to pay for them. Plain and simple...NO! If she can go to a fancy ivy league school then I seriously doubt that a pack of pills are really straining her budget.
       Avi Knight nowhere in her testimony did she ask that you pay for her oral contraceptives. She asked that her insurance policy which she pays for and which  covers prescriptions include oral contraceptives. Women are rather tired of paying the same price for their insurance policies that men do but having their prescriptions denied.  Fluke did not speak foolishly and you should listen to her testimony before making inane statements like that. Rush was having problems with reality when he told his audience what she said (nice way of saying Rush is a BIG FAT LIAR).  Her chief concern was for women who needed oral contraceptives to treat or prevent a medical condition.

    • Michael Bialota The question he should have asked is "If your daughter was paid a couple hundred dollars and expenses would she read a phony script in front of Congress? If so she needs to hang around a bus station restroom and try to get her self respect back. This shill, Ms Fluke must be paying the same for a condom as she does for a gallon of gas......

    • Scott Burnside Easy Max, Gina Miller is the closest thing to Alex Jones that I can get on 104.9

    • Max Heidel Scott, that's all you have to say..... Although Jones is WAY better than Gina Miller.

Mar 4, 2012

No ProFlowers

as long as they advertise on Rush. Really ProFlowers advertising on a show where the host slanders women is stupid. If any male is dumb enough to order flowers from you I hope the woman he is sending them to tells him where to go....................

Mar 3, 2012

Rush ~ Outdated Views on Contraceptive Use

It is sadly apparent that Rush has no clue how oral contraceptives work. Just like any other prescription medication you must take them the way they are proscribed. Which is ONE pill a day, even if you do NOT HAVE SEX.

He also totally ignores Sandra Fluke's concern for women who are taking oral contraceptives to treat a medical condition like ovarian cyst. His vulgar comments regarding Sandra Fluke just underscores the way most Male Republicans view women. Honestly men should not be in a position to make laws regarding women's health. It is sadly apparent they haven't a clue what the issues are and that they do not have a woman's best interest at heart.

Mar 2, 2012

Police Kill Cat

Not content with shooting our dogs POLICE have now starting discharging their weapons on housecats.

On August 20, 2011, a local house cat, Haze, wandered a few blocks from his home in Lebanon. After a bystander called the police to report Haze as a stray, Officer Covey of the Lebanon Police Department arrived on the scene. After arriving on the scene, Officer Covey discharged his firearm in a residential area and ended Haze's life.

No effort was made to find Haze's owners before he was brutally murdered by Officer Covey.

Please help save other cats, sign the petition here to let Ohio police know that killing our pets is WRONG!!!!!!