Feb 21, 2012

Valerie Pokorny Denginerates Women

As I woman I want to be respected enough that I am allowed to choose which medications I will take (contraceptives) and what medical care I will receive. I do not want someone like Valerie Pokorny making these decisions for me and for other women. We are adults we can decide what to do with our bodies, we can be in charge of our own healthcare thank you very much we do not need some religious zealot imposing their religious beliefs on us, especially when it comes to our healthcare.

Women choose to use contraceptives for many reasons. Some of us had irregular periods and choose to use an oral contraceptive in order to regulate that time of the month. Some women use oral contraceptives to control acute acne.  Oral contraceptives have also been used to treat endometriosis, and for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. And not all of us want to pop out a baby every 10 months. We deserve to have our insurance cover our prescriptions just like everyone else. And please note the Catholic Church hasn't said one WORD about VIAGRA being covered. Pohorny goes on to say "When a woman uses “contraception” for medical reasons other than preventing a pregnancy it's not technically contraception, and the Catholic Church doesn't necessarily prohibit these uses." SO WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT IT BEING COVERED BY A WOMAN'S INSURANCE????? Why is the Catholic Church and others creating such an uproar about women receiving healthcare coverage that is LONG OVERDUE?

Considering we live in a world with finite resources it is ironic that those like Pohorny want to force women to spit out babies or rely on the rhythm method. Gee honey, I would love to be intimate with you let me go check my temperature to see if it's safe.  Takes the romance right out of your marriage. Thanks but no thanks Pohorny. I will make the decisions that are right for me and my family, not you and not your church.

The Vatican from its unduly privileged perch in the United Nations along with the "Catholic" nations---now newly allied with conservative Muslim nations---managed to block reference to contraception and family planning at the United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. This alliance also delayed proceedings at the 1994 U.N. conference in Cairo and impeded any reasonable discussion of abortion. With more than a bit of irony, the then Prime Minister Brundtland of Norway said of the Rio conference: "States that do not have any population problem--in one particular case, even no births at all [the Vatican]--are doing their best, their utmost, to prevent the world from making sensible decisions regarding family planning." ~ Moderate Roman Catholic Positions

Ironically the Roman Catholic position on abortion is pluralistic. It has a strong "pro-choice" tradition and a conservative anti-choice tradition, but alas the pro-choice side is being drowned out by the zealots like Pohorny

The bible does not condemn abortion. The closest it gets to it is in Exodus 21-22 which speaks of accidental abortion. This imposes a financial penalty on a man who "in the course of a brawl" caused a woman to miscarry. The issue here is the father's right to progeny; he could fine you for the misdeed, but he could not claim "an eye for an eye" as if a person had been killed. Thus, as conservative theologian John Connery, S.J. said, "the fetus did not have the same status as the mother in Hebrew Law."

Following on the silence of scripture on abortion, the early church history treats it only incidentally and sporadically. Indeed, there is no systematic study of the question until the fifteenth century. One early church writer Tertullian discusses what we would today call a late term emergency abortion where doctors had to dismember a fetus in order to remove it, and he refers to this emergency measure as a "crudelitas necessaria," a necessary cruelty. Obviously this amounted to moral approbation of what some call today inaccurately a "partial birth abortion."

One thing that develops early on and becomes the dominant tradition in Christianity is the theory of delayed animation or ensoulment. Borrowed from the Greeks, this taught that the spiritual human soul did not arrive in the fetus until as late as three months into the pregnancy. Prior to that time, whatever life was there was not human. They opined that the conceptum was enlivened first by a vegetative soul, then an animal soul, and only when formed sufficiently by a human spiritual soul. Though sexist efforts were made to say the male soul arrived sooner---maybe a month and a half into the pregnancy---the rule of thumb for when a fetus reached the status of "baby" was three months or even later. As Christine Gudorf writes, the common pastoral view was "that ensoulment occurred at quickening, when the fetus could first be felt moving in the mother's womb, usually early in the fifth month. Before ensoulment the fetus was not understood as a human person. This was the reason the Catholic church did not baptize miscarriages or stillbirths." ~Moderate Roman Catholic Postitions

You certainly wouldn't know this from the Personhood Debates that have been forced on our states throughout the nation by these zealots. 

We have separation of Church and State for a reason it is time these religious bullies stopped trying to force their beliefs on the rest of us.


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