Feb 5, 2012

The Pink Goliath Falls

Many of us supported Komen for the Cure because we thought their mission was to cure cancer, specifically breast cancer. When we discovered that they were bullying other organizations that genuinely  wanted to find a cure for cancer forcing them to spend money on lawsuits that would have went to cancer research, when we discovered they cut funding for preventive care for low income women at Planned Parenthood  and when we realized that they were being less then truthful about the link between BPA's and Breast Cancer we were outraged. You can read more here and here

To add to that list of transgressions

Late last year, Komen decided to cut $12 million from funding for embryonic stem cell research, gradually pushing off organizations that were using stem cells. Goldberg said it may also be politically motivated.

"Let's not forget that this organization is surrounded by a person, Nancy Brinker, who is a major Republican donor, she’s been a major figure in the Republican Party. Their new senior vice president for public policy (Karen Handel) was an anti-abortion candidate for the governorship of Georgia,” he said. "It's become clear ... that this organization, or at least some of its leaders, lean a certain direction." ~Post-Planned Parenthood, stem cell research may be Komen's next controversy

 It's worth noting that "Nancy G. Brinker earned $417,171 in 2010 serving as CEO and President of Komen for the Cure".

Nancy G. Brinker earned $417,171 to serve as a board member and CEO. She also earned a space $541 in other compensation.
Including Brinker, Komen has 18 people who earn above $100,000. Six earn more than $200,000, including former CEO and president Hala Moddelmog, who earned $277,000 despite working no hours.

Elizabeth Thompson and Katrina McGhee   — the former president and executive vice president, respectively — earned $216,000 each. In additon Thompson was compensated $16,177 and McGhee was compensated $12,204.

Mark Nadolny, chief financial officer, earned $277,000 and was compensated $17,280.

Jonathan Blum, general counsel and secretary, earned $210,269 and was compensated $22,124.

Justin Ricketts, CIO, earned $209,541. and was compensated $17,213.  ~Peoria Pundit

Apparently now Komen is more about fundrasing so they can pay the bloated salaries of their executives then actually helping women with breast cancer.

As a Marketing Major I have to applaud Komen's intensive marketing strategy, until recently I did not realize there were worthier breast cancer organizations I could donate to. They did a brilliant job of overshadowing the worthier competition.

  Donate to

  1. Breast Cancer Action
  2. Breast Cancer Fund
  3. Planned Parenthood (for those who wish you can specify that the donation only be used for Mammograms and breast exams)
  4. Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
Can Komen recover from their PR nightmare. Hopefully not unless they go back to their core mission of ending breast cancer and stop their bullying of other charities who are seeking cancer cures. Komen has lost the trust of the majority of their donors, their reversal over funding Planned Parenthood merely angered the wingnuts without reassuring anyone that Komen really cared about women.  

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