Feb 23, 2012

Did they ask him about pre-marital sex?

Justin Bieber's view on abortion has created a furor. I have to admit I like the kid for admitting that as a 16 year old male he is unlikely to be raped and find himself pregnant as a result and saying he really couldn't judge that situation. I'll focus on that and forget about his simplistic  "everything happens for a reason statement" after all he is 16. As Barbara Walters pointed out he is still forming his view of the world, I know my views have changed a lot since I was 16. With age comes wisdom after all.

The Religious Right are of course hailing this as a huge victory in the abortion debate because of his influence over teens. But what I want to know is did they ask him about per-marital sex? His views on that might be equally interesting and insightful. Perhaps if he said he didn't believe in sex before marriage we would have fewer teens having sex and getting pregnant. But then again maybe not, because at the end of the day Justin Bieber is just another 16 year old. Yes, his fame gives him a "voice" amongst teens but I hardly think he controls them.

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