Dec 4, 2011

News Radio ~ Herman Cain

One can only wonder at the serious disconnect that allows these religious zealots to defend Herman Cain.
Moments ago, Herman Cain announced that he is suspending his 2012 presidential amid allegations of infidelity and sexual harassment. Stay tuned for the video of this announcement – it will be posted shortly. Take a look back at the highs and lows of the Cain campaign in this timeline. May 21, 2011: ...
Bonnie O'Dea Saw this coming, sadly. If there is a sure thing, they will always find something to fling! Time will tell the legitimacy of the allegations. Then it will be too late perhaps..but the for sure thing is, BHO has to go.

Yesterday at 12:56pm 
Kathy Flowers And we are again at the mercy of the media to decide our candidate. What a shame! He was, if nothing else, NOT a Beltway Boy...
Lydia Snell You said it all Bonnie. I'm sad also -- the media, is it correct?

Yesterday at 1:25pm 
Dan Estes Sad news, the best of the bunch whether or not the allegations were true.
Doug Sasser Now an onslaught of racial accusations will be thrown at all the Republican candidates. The dark horse in the race had deflected those slurs until now.
So it's OK to sexually harass women, cheat on your wife (and I am pretty sure the wife considers it cheating if you give money to another women even if as Cain says they are "just friends") as long as you are a Republican and the Teabaggers think you have a chance of winning the Presidential Election.  It's really sad if Cain is the best the Republican party has to offer. Doug Sasser needs to get a clue most people didn't vote for President Obama because he was African American, they voted for him because they thought he was the best man for the job. If the Republicans would concentrate on finding the best man/woman for the job irregardless of their race/gender/sexual orientation they might have something. Instead they insist on offering one dimensional candidates without any substance, and then blame the media when they lose.

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