Dec 30, 2011

Beau Rivage Buffet a Waste of Money

We went to the Beua Rivage Buffet Christmas Eve, at $30 a head it was a huge waste of money. The food was mediocre at best, think school cafeteria food and the service was abysmal. The waitress didn't bring me a straw for my drink and we were half way through the meal before she showed back up and I was able to get a straw. We didn't have enough silverware, there were only two place settings and four people sitting at the table, those of us with a place setting wound up sharing our salad forks with those who did not have silverware. When the waitress finally showed up and we brought it to her attention she dumped around 40 forks and spoons on our table.

If you were planning to go there New Year's Eve I would skip it, they will probably use the holiday as an excuse to jack the price up like they did Christmas Eve.

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