Dec 31, 2011

Alasandra's Reading List ~ December

  1. The House of Thunder by Dean Koontz - Susan Thorton awakens in a hospital in a small town in Oregon with gaping holes in her memory. She finds it impossible to remember anything about her job no matter how hard she tries. The one bright spot in her ordeal is Dr. McGee and the romance that blossoms between them. When she starts hallucinating about the death of her fiancee when she was 19 at the hands of four fraternity guys in a cave she fears she is going mad. Slowly she realizes there is a conspiracy amongst the staff of the hospital to drive her crazy and flees only to discover that the whole town is part of the elaborate masquerade. Giving up on escaping Susan sinks into despair only to have McGee swoop into rescue her, but can she trust him? and even if he is on the up and up can the dashing Dr. McGee really get her out of Russia.
  2. Sleep No More by Greg Iles - Decades ago Waters was deeply in love with Mallory, their relationship ended because of her jealousy and mental instability. Shortly after Waters married Lily, Mallory was killed in New Orleans. But now she is back and determined to be with the man she loves no matter who gets in the way.  After being accused of murdering Eve (Mallory) Waters goes to Penn Cage for help, but even Penn doesn't believe his wild tale of possession. Only Lily believes him, determined to save her family from Mallory, Lily sleeps with Cole (Mallory) and once Mallory possess her fights to remain in control long enough to take both herself and Mallory to their graves.
  3. Jack: Secret Circles by F. Paul Wilson - A young boy (Cody) disappears. Jack discovers a deceased friends Father is beating his wife and young daughter, when he calls the cops anonymously  and they do nothing he determines to put a stop to the abuse in his own way. Jack and Weezy attempt to steal back their pyramid from The Lodge while hiding from Drexler and Eggers they find a trap door in the basement that leads to a secret city. Fearing they will be locked in they are about to leave when they hear Cody's cries for help. They find where he is being kept by a "creature" and Jack is attempting to carry him to safety when "the creature" attacks and takes Cody from Jack. After tasting Jack's blood the creature leaves him alone but the lake is busting through the basement wall and Jack barely manages to escape the flood waters. "The creature" pushes an unconscious Cody to safety before it is swept away.  When Drexler and Eggers discover the children in the basement of The Lodge, Drexler orders Eggers to carry Cody outside where Walt revives him. 
  4. Aftershock & Others by F. Paul Wilson - A collection of short stories including Aryans and Absinthe in which a young Ernest Drexler finds enjoyment in the inflation that brought Weimar Germany to it's knees.
  5. Jack: Secret Histories by F. Paul Wilson - Jack, Weezy & Eddie find a mound in the Barrens inside it they discover a body and a box that only Jack can open, inside the box is a pyramid. Then Lodge members start dying and Jack believes he knows who is responsible for the deaths. Thinking on his feet Jack comes up with a plan to get his friend the help he needs as well as revealing the killer.
  6. The Barrens and Others by F. Paul Wilson - collection of very enjoyable short stories, one involving Repairman Jack and some about the Secret History that makes up Jack's world.

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