Sep 19, 2011

No on 26

Before voting on the Personhood Amendment please consider all the potential ramifications.

If the Personhood Amendment passes many forms of birth control would be illegal. This would lead to more unplanned pregnancies.  

Women who are raped would no long have access to the Morning-after Pill and would be forced to endure an unwanted pregnancy.

Pregnant women would be treated like second class citizens when it comes to their medical care. They could be denied lifesaving medical treatment if it would result in harm to the fetus.  For example a woman with cancer could be refused life-saving medical treatment because it could put a fertilized egg in danger. Ectopic pregnancies would also create a dilemma.  The developing cells must be removed to save the mother's life. However, with the fertilized egg being considered a Person, with full rights, ending an ectopic pregnancy would be considered murder.

Increased unplanned pregnancies will lead to more people on welfare and receiving food stamps. Most of the children born to unwed and/or teenage mothers will need welfare.  If you consider the loss of education, opportunity and job and income loss that sometimes goes along with an unplanned pregnancy, the cost to the Mississippi Tax Payers is even greater.

Drinking and smoking during pregnancy would go from just being risky to becoming criminal negligence. 

Women who have miscarriages would have to endure investigation for possible criminal charges, from negligence up to and including murder. There is already legal precedent - 15 year old Rennie Gibbs was charged in Mississippi with Depraved Heart Murder in December, 2006 after a miscarriage.

Please think carefully about all the ramifications before voting, if you do I am confidant you will vote No on 26.

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