Sep 29, 2011

Alasandra's Reading List ~ September

  1. The Passage by Justin Cronin - very dark book, extremely well written and thought provoking, takes place in the future.  After his wife's death Doctor Jonas Lear seeks a way to prolong life. He travels to Bolivia in search of a mysteries "virus" that can cure terminal patients. The army tags along in hopes of using the "virus" as a weapon. Once the "virus" is secured it is taken to a secret army facility and experiments on death row inmates begin, when Dr. Lear insist that six year old Amy (no last name) be brought to the facility and infected with the "virus", Wolgast begins to question the orders he has been given. Then the unthinkable happens the subjects of the experiments escape, FBI Agent Brad Wolgast flees with Amy as the world he knew ends. (Decades later) Peter lives in one of the last human colonies, realizing the lights that keep the Virals at bay are failing Peter and his friends will set out with Amy to uncover the mysteries of her past and hopefully find a way to destroy the Virals. This is the first book in a trilogy and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.
  2. Mortalis by R. A. Salvatore - The rosy plague leads to great sickness and suffering throughout Corona. When Colleen contracts the plague Pony attempts to heal her with a soul stone but discovers it is no use. Looking for answers she spirit walks to the elves and Lady Dasslerond gives her a recipe to help alleviate the suffering but warns her it will not cure the plague, Colleen dies. De'Unnero (known as Brother Truth) uses the plague to cause trouble between the church and the people and leads a band of renegade monks (Brothers Repentant) throughout the countryside maiming and killing "sinners". Abbot Agronguerre and Prince Midalis make peace with the Alpinadorans lead by the ranger Andacanavar and Bruinhelde. Agronguerre later become Father Abbot of the Abellican Church. Brother Francis chooses to go out amongst the plague victims and minister to them. When Dainsey (Roger's wife) contracts the plague Roger takes her to Pony. Pony sees a vision of Avelyn's hand and makes a desperate journey with Dainsey to Mount Aida where Dainsey taste the blood from Avelyn's palm and is cured. Pony and Dainsey spread the word and pilgrims flock to Mount Aida for the cure. Pony accepts King Danube's offer to make her Baroness of Palmaris (Pony still doesn't know her child lives).
  3. Frankenstein the dead town by Dean Koontz -  Deucalion is able to stop Victor once and for all and love flourishes in the most unlikely places. I enjoyed the series immensely and am sorry to see it come to an end.
  4. Claiming the Highlander - Kinley MacGregor - Maggie convinces the women from the MacAllister and MacDouglas clans to go on strike until their clans make peace. Now the men of both clans want her head. To make matters worse the MacAllister's have taken their laird hostage and threaten to kill him if the women don't come out in four days. Determined to save his brother Braden MacAllister agrees to go with Maggie to the MacDouglas Laird and convince him to make peace. But along the way Braden succumbs to Maggie's charms now he not only has to keep them alive but win her heart. (Very humorous and entertaining book)
  5. Ascendance by R. A. Salvatore - Jilseponie marries King Danube and a jealous Constance causes problems from day one. Afraid that Jilseponie will bear a child and usurp her sons position in the royal line she has birth control herbs secretly placed in Jilseponie's food. Aydrian "Nighthawk" the son of Elbryan and Jilseponie teams up with De'Unnero to wrest the crown of Honce the Bear from King Danube. When Constance dies Jilseponie is accused of murdering her, the trial provides Aydrian the chance to wrest the throne from King Danube with Duke Kalas help. Unable to kill her own son Jilseponie is sent into exile by Aydrian.
  6. Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson - Starving artist Matthew Bannon finds a medical bag full of diamonds in Grand Central Terminal, now the Russian Mafia have hired hit men to kill him and retrieve the diamonds.  But Matthew is full of surprises and killing him won't be as easy as they think.
  7. Implant by F. Paul Wilson - The Joint Committee on Medial Ethics and Practice Guidelines slanders Dr. Duncan Lathram leading to is daughters suicide and his careers demise. Now Dr. Lathram has a chance to get even with the men who destroyed his life and family and don't even remember his name. Will Dr. Gina Panzella be able to stop him?

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