Aug 2, 2011

Alasandra's Reading List ~ July

  1.  Blood Game by Iris Johansen - Kevin Jalek wants to become a vampire and believes killing Eve and drinking her blood will help him achieve his goal. Of course he has to take several lesser victims first one of which is Nancy Jo Norris. But Nancy Jo decides to fight back from beyond the grave and thanks to Joe's new gift she is able to communicate with him. Pushed to his limits Joe teams up with Seth Caleb, a mysterious "hunter" with a few gifts of his own, to keep Eve and Jane safe.
  2. Eight Days To Live by Iris Johansen - When Jane paints a portrait for a "dream" she had a "Judas Cult" targets her for their Offering sacrifice.  To save those close to her and put an end to the cult Jane teams up with Seth Caleb. Together they will find the pieces of silver Judas received for betraying Jesus, locate the mysterious temple and destroy the evil that Hadar spawned once and for all. Long term Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller fans will be pleased to see Jock Gavin and MacDuff featured in the story. Lina Alsouk is introduced in the book and plays and key roll in translating material for Jane and Caleb, and Jock seems very fond of her.
  3. The Chaos Curse by R. A. Salvatore - Dean Thobicus forces those who support Cadderly out of the Edificant Library, while Cadderly is away. Druzil forces Kierkan Rufo to return to the Edificant Library so they can retrieve the chaos curse. Before Druzil can stop him Rufo drinks the chaos curse and becomes a vampire. Using his hatred of Cadderly Rufo corrupts Dean Thobicus and begins to turn the inhabitants of the Edificant Library he can corrupt into vampires and those he can't into zombies. Danica and Dorigen arrive and the Edificant Library and are captured before they realize anything is wrong. Dorigen gives her life in order for Danica to escape but sadly Danica falls into Rufo's hands. Danica chooses death rather then becoming a Vampiress. Believing Danica to be dead Cadderly, Ivan, Pikel and Shayleigh determine to kill Rufo and destroy the Edificant Library.
  4. Chase the Night by Iris Johansen - CIA Agent Catherine Ling is desperate to find her son Luke who was kidnapped nine years ago by a ruthless Russian Mafia Head. In order to get the information she needs she strikes a deal with Venable to rescue the Winters, from a South American Drug Lord. Unfortunately Ned Winters was executed before Catherine arrived but she manages to save his 14 year old daughter Kelly. In return Venable gives her the file on Rakovac and allows Catherine to contact Eve Duncan. After hearing Catherine's story Eve agrees to do an age progression on Luke who was kidnapped at age 2 so that Catherine will know what he looks like as an 11 year old. Kelly who is unwanted by her own Mother shows up on Eve's doorstep insisting that she can help Catherine find Luke. Rakovac is unhappy that Eve is helping Catherine and threatens her. Leading Catherine, Eve & Joe to go to Russia in an attempt to find Luke and kill Rakovac. When Venable realizes that Rakovac is behind a terrorist plot he sends Kelly to Russia to help Catherine find the pattern that will lead her to Rakovac. Thinking that Eve and Kelly are safe at the farmhouse Joe and Catherine leave to sit a trap for Rakovac, but he has inside help which leads to Kelly and Eve being taking hostage. With Luke's help they escape and Joe and Catherine arrive in time to save them. Believing that she owes Eve Catherine determines to find who killed Bonnie and she gives Eve the one answer she didn't expect - Bonnie's Father.     
  5. Sword of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor (aka Sherrilyn Kenyon) - Lord of Avalon series (what happened after King Arthur died read the series and find out). A young boy who knew nothing but abuse and hatred finds Caliburn (the evil sword that balances out Excalibur). Seduced by Morgen the young boy becomes the Kerrigan (King of Morgen's Camelot). But everything changes when Morgen sends him to bring a young peasant Seren (Loom of Caswallan) to Camelot. Seren captures Kerrigan's heart and he will give up everything to see her safe in Avalon. But his Lady Mouse will fight like a tiger to save him from Morgen's clutches and to bring him to Avalon.
  6. Eve by Iris Johansen - The first in the trilogy that will hopefully end Eve Duncan's hunt for Bonnie. John Gallo (Bonnie's Father) reenters Eve's life and they form a strong connection over their mutual love and grief for Bonnie. Gallo is convinced that Black killed Bonnie and he has been hunting him for years. But Black is being protected by members of the military who will stop at nothing to keep their illegal activity secret. When John Gallo and Eve go into hiding Queen sets Black on them. Black enjoys killing and comes up with the ultimate trap. He kidnaps the daughter of John Gallo's housekeeper and sets up a hunt in the woods near John Gallo's cabin. But unbeknownst to Black  Catherine and Joe are hunting him. Captured by Joe, Black reveals that Queen was paying him to take credit for Bonnie's murder and that John Gallo killed her during one of his black out periods. Before he is killed Black manages to attack Joe and now Joe Quinn is fighting for his life in ICU (Next book in the series is Quinn).
  7. The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory - the story of Mary Queen of Scots.
  8. Blood Trinity - Evalle Kincaid spent her childhood locked away in her Aunt's basement where she was raped by the family doctor. Rescued by the Belador she swore allegiance to them but fears being locked away because she is an Alterant. Working for VIPER to protect mankind Evalle must learn to trust the members of her team. Together they will hunt for the  Ngak Stone and return the Kujoo to where they wish to be, while defeating the evil Medb plot. (Midnight Kiss Goodbye provides the back story and introduces many of the characters of the Balador series)
  9. I'll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark - Having your identity stolen is bad enough but when the person also kidnaps your son and frames you for the crime it's enough to make you lose your mind. Can Zan convince her friends and the police that not only is she innocent but that she isn't mentally ill. 
  10. Knight of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor - The son of Lancelot and Narishka (evil Adoni) Varian duFey is trusted by neither side. But with the combine powers of a Merlin & Adoni both sides are determined to have him on their side. Sworn to the Penmerlin Aquila Varian is forced to visit his Mother in Camelot when a grail knight is killed, so he can identify the traitor in Avalon. But Narishka uses the visit to strip him of his powers and imprison him in an effort to get him to change sides. With the help of Merewyn and Blaise (mandrake) he escapes but without his powers they can not reach Avalon. Forced into the Val Sans Retour (Valley of No Return) they discover Merlin and Nimue alive and well, but determined to keep their status a secret from Morgen they refuse to let anyone leave the valley. When Varian starts to die from having his powers bound Merewyn makes a pact with the one being that can save him. With his powers restored Varian sends Blaise and Merewyn to Avalon and prepares to stop his Mother.
  11. Death Match by Lincoln Child - Richard Silver created an Artificial Intelligence (Liza) that was capably of anything. With the use of Liza he was able to create a company (Eden) that was able to perfectly match couples and bring them great happiness. But then the super-couples (perfect matches) start committing suicide and Christopher Lash is hired to find out why. But when Christopher stumbles upon the truth that the couples are being murdered and why his life is turned into a nightmare. Can Christopher convince anyone that he isn't the killer before the real killer destroys them all.  (Suspect there may be a possible sequel due to the Epilogue.)
  12. Quinn by Iris Johansen - While Joe Quinn lays in the hospital fighting for his life Catherine tracks down John Gallo (Bonnie's Father and supposed killer) but Catherine comes to believe he is innocent. After convincing  Gallo that Black could have been lying they set out to find Jacobs, the one man who may know the truth. Jacobs confirms that Gallo didn't kill Bonnie, but refuses to identify the killer. While Catherine and Gallo are waiting on Eve and Joe Quinn to show up to finish questioning Jacobs someone breaks into the house and kills Jacobs. Gallo and Catherine follow the killer into the bayou, but when Gallo gets a good luck at the killer he freezes in shock, barely managing to save Catherine's life. 

Have you voted today

I voted in the primaries this morning. It will be interesting to see which candidates make it to the general election.  Speaking of voting.

Rep. Steven Palazzo voted YES to the North American-Made Energy Security Act. An act that could lead to a bigger environmental disaster then the BP Oil Spill. Apparently we have learned nothing from that disaster, at least our elected officials have not. You can read a good summary of the debate here.

The United States is at a crossroads, where Americans must choose between burning more fossil fuels in their cars or moving to alternatives, he said. Construction of Keystone XL only will play into more demand for oil, rather than spurring investment in cleaner power. The vehicles burning oil from Keystone XL could produce the same amount of C02 as all the trucks and cars in Canada, according to Leach's analysis. 

It's not that this project alone would lead to catastrophic emissions, but it would start a process that could lead to more pipelines down the road and even more extraction, according to McKibben. 

Timing is also a key part of why the project is so important in terms of climate change, he said. Keystone XL could be operational by 2013, while other proposals could take five to 10 years to move through regulation, according to some estimates. Those future dates could come at at a time when public opinion about climate change is different, he said. 

"There is a limited period of time to make this a fait accompli. Sooner or later, the world's going to come to its senses about carbon, at which point no one is going to invest hundreds of billions to get the stuff out of the tar sands," McKibben said.