Jul 2, 2011

Alasandra's Reading List ~ June

  1. 10th Anniversary by James Pattrson & Maxine Paetro - Lindsey works overtime to find a kidnapped newborn and Cindy puts her life at risk to find a serial rapist.
  2. The Ghost King by R. A. Salvatore - The Companions of Mithral Hall lose two of their own to the unraveling of Mystra's Weave. Hephaestus finds himself joined with Crenshinibon (The Crystal Shard) and Yharaskrik as The Ghost King and the trio seek revenge on Jarlaxle and Cadderly. A great sacrifice is demanded and new friendships are formed.
  3. The Gift by James Patterson - Whit and Wisty are running for their lives and they don't know who to trust or what to believe. Will they escape death at the hands of THE ONE.
  4. Canticle by R. A. Salvatore - Cadderly and Danica are students at the Edificant Library when a priest of Talona  (Barjin) unleashes the chaos curse. With the help of the Druid Newander, Ivan & Pikel as well as Percival the squirrel Cadderly will defeat the evil Barjin and stop the chaos curse from spreading.
  5. what the night knows by Dean Koontz - Twenty years ago John Calvino's family was murdered by Alton Turner Blackwood, a man whose childhood was tainted by incest and murder. John was the only survivor of the massacre and he killed Blackwood. But now Blackwood is back and eager to kill John's wife and children if John can't find a way to stop him and the unspeakable evil he has brought with him.
  6. Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman - Alex Delaware and Robin Castagna are two of the last people to see Tiara (aka Mystery) alive. Knowing that Alex is helping Milo investigate her murder a client gives Alex clues to help uncover the murderer as well as the family secret that led to the murder.
  7. inVincible by Sherrilyn Kenyon - Nick discovers Ambrose's true identity thanks to a scar. The new coach (Coach Devus) wants Nick to steal stuff from his classmates, if he doesn't do it the coach threatens to plant evidence on him and have him killed in jail. With the help of Caleb Xenon, and Kody, Nick is able to save Devus' first victim (Julianne) and destroy Devus.
  8. Buried Prey by John Sandford - When Lucas Davenport was a rookie two girls went missing, the crime was pinned on a homeless guy with mental problems. Davenports hunch that John Fell (alias) was the true killer was ignored.  Now the girls bodies have been found and as head of the BCA Davenport has the clout to look for Fell. As Davenport closes in Fell starts killing potential witnesses against him.
  9. In Sylvan Shadows by R. A. Salvatore - With Shilmista in peril Prince Elbereth comes to the Edificant Library for help. Cadderly, Danica and Rufo accompany him back to Shilmista. Druzil  uses Rufo to spy on the elves and Dorigen sets a trap for Cadderly and his friends. When all appears lost Ivan and Pikel rescue Cadderly, Danica and Elbereth. With Shilmista about to fall to the enemy Cadderly discovers away to awaken the trees to fight by their side. Once Shilmista is safe Cadderly sets out on his own, while unbeknownst to him Aballister makes plans to be rid of Cadderly once and for all.
  10. Night Mask by R. A. Salvatore - Aballister hires a band of assassins (The Night Mask) to assassinate Cadderly and Danica. Cadderly's new found clerical abilities allow him to banish Ghost from Vander's body and make a powerful new ally. 
  11. The Fallen Fortress by R.A. Salvatore - Cadderly sets out to destroy the evil inside Castle Trinity, while Aballister futility  tries to stop him. Dorigen remembering how Cadderly spared her life decides to help Cadderly and his friends and Druzil plots to release the chaos curse once again.

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