Apr 30, 2011

Alasandra's Reading List ~ April

  1. Ben- Hur by Lew Wallace (published 1880) - I am having a lot of trouble getting into the book, but owe Mr. Wallace a debt of thanks as his "novel" made it permissible for Christians (especially Protestants) to read novels. So far I have found it rather boring. Book One is familiar to anyone who has read the Bible. We have the meeting of the wise men in the dessert and blond blue eyed Mary headed to Bethlehem with her Uncle-Husband Joseph. Tidy way of explaining how Jesus could be descended form the line of David when Joseph isn't his Father. Book Two starts covering new ground. We are introduced to a young Ben Hur, a wealthy young Jewish aristocrat. Tragedy befalls his family when he leans over a roof top balcony to get a look at the Roman Governor Gratus and a tile dislodges and hits Gratus. The Roman authorities sweep in and seize the family, their servants and seal up the house. Ben Hur is sent to be a galley slave. On the route there he encounters Jesus, who gives the exhausted prisoner water to drink. Years later Quintus Arrius becomes master of the ship Ben Hur is imprisoned on. He notice Ben Hur's attractiveness (the men in this book spend an inordinate amount of time admiring other men's bodies), and speaks with him. He realizes Ben Hur is the son of his late friend and when he learns Ben-Hur never had a trial determines to look into the matter. Before he can the ship is sunk in battle. Ben Hur saves Quintus Arrius' life and when the Romans rescue them, Quintus Arrius adopts Ben Hur. After Quintus Arrius' death Ben Hur returns to Judea. He discovers that his Father's bound slave Simonides has managed to save some of the Hur fortune. Simonides has been tortured by the Romans but has refused to reveal the information they sought. He is now crippled and confined to a chair. Sheik Ilderim is Simonides friend and promises his help to Ben Hur. A letter comes into his possession showing the plot between Gratus and Messala to destroy the Hur family and take their fortune. Ben Hur prepares to race Sheik Ilderim's horses against Messala in the Circus. Ben Hur beats Messala in the chariot race and Messala is crippled in an accident on the track. Because he wagered heavily on the race Messala in also now broke. He hires two assassins to kill Ben Hur. One of the assassins is Ben Hur's old teacher, Ben Hur kills the other assassin and makes a deal with his former teacher, to lie to Messala and tell him that Ben Hur is dead. Ben Hur goes into the dessert with Sheik Ilderim and they plot to help the Jewess Messiah. Gratus is replaced by Pilate and many political prisoners are released including Ben Hur's Mother and Sister. Unfortunately they were exposed to leprosy while imprisoned and are forced to leave the city. Amrah ( a Hur servant) finds her mistress and Tirzah and takes them food each day, she promises not to reveal their whereabouts to Ben Hur. Amrah overhears Ben Hur telling Simonides and Sheik Ilderim about Jesus healing the lepers and that he is on his way to Jerusalem. She hastens to her Mistress and Tirzah with the news and they go to the roadside where Jesus heals them on his way into the city. Ben Hur is reunited with his now healed family, but has to accept that Jesus' Kingdom is spiritual.
  2. Deep Freeze by Lisa Jackson -Famous actress Jenna Hughes and her two daughters (Cassie & Allie) moved to Oregon to get away from the Hollywood lifestyle, but an obsessed fan with ties to the small community followed her. The fan is obsessed with collecting all the characters Jenna has played over the years and plans for Jenna and Cassie to be the final additions to his collection. Sheriff Shane Carter figures out the stalkers identity but has to climb the frozen falls that claimed his best friends life to save Jenna & Cassie.
  3. No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon - Samia (Dark Hunter Amazon Warrior) hooks up with Dev Peltier (Arcadian Bear) but their romance is anything but smooth. First Stryker wants Samia (Sam) to tell him how to undo his Father's curse and what his Father's weakness is. Unfortunately there is no way to undo Apollo's curse and his one weakness is get this the son (Stryker) he doomed to die a horrible death or turn Daimon. In order to protect Sam and those Sam loves Thorn sends Dev to retrieve Hippolyta's Girdle (Sam goes with him as a spirit). Thorn and Savitar have a run in over Thorn's interference with Dev & Sam. And when Acheron is unable to retrieve Sam's soul from Artemis, Nick does.
  4. The Pirate King by R. A. Salvatore - Captain Deudermont determines to overthrow the power behind the pirates in Luskan and with Drizzt, Guenhwyvar and Regis' help overthrows the lich Arklem Greeth. Deudermont is then made Governor of Luskan and discovers that keeping the peace in Luskan is more difficult then overthrowing a lich. Especially with the mysterious "voice" (Jarlaxle) directing "The Crow" and manipulating the Five High Captains. Regis, Drizzt, and Guenhwyvar visit Icewind Dale and find Wulfgar on the tundra.