Feb 28, 2011

Alasandra's Reading List ~ February

  1. The Confession by John Grisham - When a white cheerleader (Nicole) goes missing an innocent 18 year old African American High School football player (Donte) is harassed and tortured by the police until he confesses. The confession is used in court where the lawyer for the prosecution and the judge are having a torrid affair to convict. The DEATH PENALTY is handed down even though a body was never found. Now a white serial rapist (Travis Boyette) who has just been paroled is claiming to have killed Nicole, but the Court of Appeals doesn't believe him and the Governor refuses to stay the execution until Boyette can lead them to the body. The Court of Appeals refuses to accept the affidavit of the sole witness against Donte (Nicole's on again off again white football playing boyfriend ) stating that he lied about seeing Donte throw Nicole's body into the river because it arrived 7 minutes late. Donte is executed!!!!!!! Boyette then leads them to Nicole's body which he buried in another state and the State of Texas declares Donte INNOCENT after MURDERING him.
  2. The Orc King by R. A. Salvatore - a melancholy book as Drizzt is speaking with Hralien (a moon elf) centuries after the events in the book take place,  Bruenor, Wulfgar, Regis & Catti-brie are long gone. Wulfgar chooses to return to Icewind Dale alone and seek out a place with his tribe. Colson is returned to her Mother in Auckney. Bruenor discovers a city where orcs and dwarfs lived in peace. Bruenor leads a party to kill King Obould. But after learning that King Obould wants peace and that it was Grguch that was responsible for the attack on Mithral Hall and the Moonwood, Bruenor saves King Obould's life and makes peace with him. Tos'un ( a drow) proves his loyalty to Drizzt, Bruenor & Hralien and finds a home with the moon elves.
  3. Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin - you can read my review here.
  4. Reprisal by F. Paul Wilson - Carol's "baby" is all grown up and sets out to destroy Father Bill's life. Rasalom discovers that Glaeken is an old man and assumes he is powerless to stop him from destroying the world as we know it.
  5. True Grit by Charles Portis - I much prefer the movie version starring John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn. Mattie Ross is a most unlikable heroine with her self-righteous attitude and opinionated ways. One has to admiring the lengths she went to to bring her Father's killer to justice, but I found the book tedious and unbelievable. I also found the ending very upsetting as all the horses were killed.
  6. Forbidden Faith The Secret History of Gnosticism by Richard Smoley - An interesting book. Hard to follow unless you have at least a basic understanding of the subject.
  7. Running Blind by Lee Child - The FBI blackmails Reacher into helping them catch a serial killer, but they aren't pleased when the identity of the serial killer is revealed as one of their own. 

Feb 27, 2011


I was disappointed in the Blueprint Mississippi luncheon I attended in Pascagoula. Little emphasis was placed on protecting our environment and cutting pollution. In fact having "shovel ready" sites was touted as an advantage. Dr. Hank Bounds was unable to attend due to a conflict in his schedule, but the emphasis seemed to be on having more high school graduates (which is good) but I didn't see much encouragement for having more university graduates. The idea Blueprint Mississippi seemed to be advancing was to attract industries by allowing them to build no matter how much damage their company would do to our environment, while providing cheap labor.

Tourism was touted as a major employer in our community. But no acknowledgment was made of the harm heavy industries that damage our environment would do to the tourist industry.

I would like to see more emphasis placed on having more university graduates and bringing higher paying jobs to Mississippi. I would like to see CLEAN Industries encouraged and more stringent regulations on industries so our environment isn't harmed.

Feb 23, 2011


MICHAEL WILLIAMS expressed dismay in his letter to the editor Yes, trim the budget, but use common sense that Congressmen Palazzo voted to defund Planned Parenthood and Public Broadcasting while also reduce the funding available for Pell Grants. While I am upset by these cuts, I am outraged that MY TAXMONEY is being used to Fund Nascar race cars.  

McCollum called the tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding for NASCAR race cars an “absurdity.”

McCollum said she will introduce new legislation to prohibit taxpayer funds from being used for motor sports sponsorships, including $45 million earmark for NASCAR and race track owners.

Apparently pap smears and mammograms for women, public broadcasting which provides shows that help educate our children (Sesame Street) as well as shows that enrich us culturally and provide community connections not available anywhere else and helping low income students afford college aren't as important as race cars.

I suggest you join me in asking Congressmen Palazzo how he can justify funding NASCAR while defunding Planned Parenthood, PBS and cutting the funding for Pell Grants.

Feb 16, 2011

Dinning with Alasandra

For Valentines Bo treated me to lunch @ Ly Buffet in Pascagoula. The decor is interesting, I love the inlaid tables. The food was OK, a couple of seafood dishes I really liked, my favorite was the mussels on the half shell. Reasonably priced. Since we did lunch we had to eat in Pascagoula and there aren't many restaurants to choose from over there. And I have always enjoyed Chinese. Bo isn't that big a fan of Chinese food, so I am sure he choose Ly's to humor me.

Feb 12, 2011

The sorry you weren't really raped ~ Republican Bill

For years we all agreed that rape was when a woman was forced to have sex against her will. But now the anti choice crowd in Congress want to redefine rape. (H.R. 3)

"We are seeing more and more anti-choice lawmakers who are willing to deny survivors of rape and incest access to abortion care," NARAL president Nancy Keenan told Raw Story. "If they can't block access altogether, they will work around the edges. Rep. Smith's 'Stupak on Steroids' bill is an example of this piecemeal strategy because it seeks to make the narrow exceptions for public funding of abortion care for rape and incest survivors even more restrictive."

Wasserman Schultz also said the bill contradicted the GOP's core political philosophy.
"Even though Republicans say they want government out of our lives, this is the most intrusive governmental act that we've probably seen to date in the personal lives of women," she said.

For a party that claims it wants less intrusion into our lives, the Republicans seem determined to intrude on a woman's right to choose.

Sign a petition to stop H.R. 3 here.

Other bills dealing with a woman's right to choose in the House H.R. 105, H.R. 165, H.R. 212, H.R. 217, H.R. 358, H.R. 361, H.R. 364, H.R. 374, H.R. 397, H.R. 593

But setting aside that issue what about the legal precedent it would set. As Oonagh McQuarrie put it.

My issue is about the precedent this bill still has the potential to set. When that type of language is written into a bill, it is representative of a mood, of a general feeling in the country. If Congress redefines rape and characterizes it by the level of force that occurs, the door is opened for date-rapists and people who take advantage of women but don’t break any bones or leave any bruises.

Rape is a hard enough crime to prove without redefining it in terms of the level of violence. According to the 2005 National Crime Victimization Study, 60 percent of rapes go unreported. The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network did the math. Even if the rapist is arrested and goes to trial, there is only a 16.9 percent chance he will actually serve jail time. Fifteen of every 16 rapists walk free. What will happen when only violent rapes count?

I too wonder what will happen IF only violent rapes count? If women don't fight back even with a gun held to their head will they be told sorry your weren't really raped you didn't put up a fight? Will women whose assailants used date rape drugs be told sorry you weren't really raped because you were too out of it to know what was going on.

Federal bills aren't the only bills attempting to trivialize rape.

Jennifer White, attorney for legal programs at the Family Violence Prevention Fund, said that even when victims do come forward, prosecutions and convictions are still often incredibly difficult to get."Changing, just for these particular crimes, the word 'victim' to 'accuser' really buys into an outdated and disproved myth about victims who come forward with these kinds of allegations," said White. "I think it's a sad reality that for some reason, it's easier for society, in some respects, to believe that a victim would fabricate this type of crime than to believe that a person is capable of committing certain atrocities. And it really has a chilling effect for victims who already have an extremely difficult time coming forward."

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee writes, "To diminish a victim's ordeal by branding him/her an accuser essentially questions whether the crime committed against the victim is a crime at all. Robbery, assault, and fraud are all real crimes with real victims, the Republican asserts with this bill."

Feb 11, 2011

Public Radio Under Attack

There is a bill in Congress H.R. 69 To prohibit Federal funding of certain public radio programming

Public radio has provided a much needed service in the conservative area I live in. Without public radio my access to hard news and unbiased reporting would be severely limited.

If you wish to let Congress know your feelings you can take action at Don’t Let Congress Silence NPR and PBS.

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Feb 10, 2011

Dinning with Alasandra

Bo took me to The Olive Garden for my birthday. I had Asiago Ravioli with Chicken, it's a new dish that is available for a limited time. It was delicious and I hope they decide to keep it on their menu. For dessert I tried the Dolcini - my choices (you get 3) were Chocolate Mousse with Dark Chocolate Cookie Crust • Strawberry & White Chocolate Cream Cake and Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mousse & Caramel Cream. The Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mousse & Caramel Cream was my favorite. Maybe I'll have it again and try the other two next time I visit The Olive Garden.

Feb 8, 2011

Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin

A classic tale of horror. Catholic Rosemary moves from the mid-west to New York where she marries Protestant Guy Woodhouse. Her family pretty much disowns her and the one person she can depend on falls into a mysterious coma when he tries to warn her of the danger she is in. Too late Rosemary discovers that the Bramford houses a coven of witches who want her baby. Her plans to escape or thwarted by Guy. Told her child is dead Rosemary becomes suspicious when she hears a baby crying, but when she is reunited with her child she realizes he is a monster.

Feb 4, 2011

Joe Pitts Thinks It is OK To Let Women Die!

One hundred members of Congress (so far) have cosponsored a bill (HR 358 The Protect Life Act) introduced by far right Congressman Joe Pitts (R-PA) called the "Protect Life Act." They want to "protect life" so much that they have written into the bill a new amendment that would override the requirement that emergency room doctors save every patient, regardless of status or ability to pay. The law would carve out an exception for pregnant women; doctors and hospitals will be allowed to let pregnant women die if interventions to save them will kill the fetus.

You can read more here.

Feb 3, 2011

4 Kitties Need Homes

Jan's Funny Farm: 4 Kitties Need Homes: "Today, we'd like to share information on 4 more cats in need of homes. Most of them are in Ohio but can most likely be transported. Visit Jan's Funny Farm for more info.

Dinning with Alasandra

Grains of Montana

I enjoyed the Spinach & Artichoke  Sandwich. A turkey breast with spinach and artichoke spread, bacon strips & sliced tomatoes on foccacia bread, it was extremely good. I also had a bowl of the Portobello Mushroom Soup, which was very tasty. 

Feb 2, 2011

My Review of Bell in Sun Gold

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

Bell by Mark Lemp

Dress it up, dress it down – Walking Cradles presents the Romance. This beautiful slip-on sandal really shines with its ornate shimmery stitching and delicate line.


  • Bell in Sun Gold
  • P...

Runs Small

By Alasandra from Mississippi on 2/2/2011

4out of 5

Very comfortable shoe, but you should order a half size larger then you normally wear. I usually wear a 9.5 but it seems a little short. Wish I had gotten a 10 instead.
It looks great.

(I purchased these shoes with a coupon from the store)

Dinning with Alasandra

I enjoyed the French pancakes at Phoenicia Restaurant in Ocean Springs for breakfast. These pancakes (topped with strawberries and french suzzette) not only look gorgeous on the plate but taste yummy in your tummy.