Oct 27, 2010

Alasandra's Reading List ~ October

  1. Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child ~ A group of scientist find an ancient animal encased in ice while studying Global Warming at the foot of Mount Fear.. Soon the media descends on Fear Base and plans are made to thaw the animal for further study, but then the mysterious animal disappears out of a locked box and people start dying. Evan Marshall will make a desperate trip to the Inuit Camp in order to get answers from the shaman and he, the scientist and soldiers will make an effort to stop the killing machine while a desperate group will flee across the ice in an 18 wheeler.  
  2. The Male Brain by Louann Brizendine, M.D. ~ A very interesting read that explains why boys and men behave the way they do. There is actually a hormone that promotes monogamy.  
  3. The Enemy by Lee Child - Even though this is the eighth Reacher novel the events predate the previous novels. Reacher is still an MP in this book.  The book begins with two-star General Kramer dying of a heart attack in a seedy motel room during sex with someone he shouldn't have been having sex with. Now his briefcase is missing and the hunt is on for Kramer's sex partner. An agenda Kramer was carrying in his briefcase can cause a lot of trouble for a lot of people. And while Kramer died due to natural causes the murder rate starts mounting while Reacher is order not to investigate an order Reacher is honor bound to disobey (Personal note: Reacher's Mother & Brother are in this novel).
  4. The Keep by F. Paul Wilson ~ Repairman Jack Fans will recognize the two main characters in the book. World War II is in progress and Captain Klaus Woermann has been sent to Kinu Pass, Romania with orders to fortify THE KEEP. A mysterious structure that has been empty for centuries but that someone pays the locals to maintain, while forbidding anyone to sleep inside THE KEEP.  Greedy soldiers under Woermann's command open a chamber they believe will lead them to hidden treasure but it leads them to a hideous death instead. With his men being killed by "something" Captain Woermann sends for help and SS Major Kaempffer arrives. He plans to kill 10 villagers a day until the gruesome murders stop but is convinced that whatever is killing the soldiers doesn't care about the villagers and the only way to stop it is to uncover the secrets of THE KEEP. The Jewish Professor Theodor Cuza who is crippled from scleroderma and his daughter Magda are brought to THE KEEP. They are shown some valuable and ancient books that deal with evil and the Professor claims the secret to THE KEEP must lay inside them and promises to get to work translating them. That night he meets Molasar (Rasalom backwards) and believes him to be a vampire. Molasar pretends to be afraid of crosses causing Cuza to question his Jewish beliefs. Magda is sent to the village inn to stay due to the unrest her presence causes amongst the soldiers and she meets Glenn (Glaeken) and falls in love with him. Wounded and near death Glenn tells Magda the truth about Molasar and warns her she must prevent her Father (whom Rasalom cured) from carrying the hilt Glaeken used to imprison Rasalom out of THE KEEP.
  5. The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory ~ Margaret Beaufort plots to put her son Henry Tudor on the throne, while piously pretending it is the "will of God".
  6. The Two Swords by R. A. Salvatore - Fender is captured by the Kaer'lic and Tos'un Armgo when Dagna and a band of dwarves set out with Galen Firth for Nesme. Drizzt strikes a deal with Gerti in order to rescue Sunrise.Delly Curtie comes under the spell of Khazid'hea and leaves for the North after giving Wulfgar's daughter away. Pikel and Ivan follow Delly, but are unable to prevent her death. They see Drizzt and tell him his friends are alive. Drizzt takes Khazid'hea and and sets out to kill Obould.
  7. The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern by Lilian Jackson Braun ~ Jim Qwilleran gets stuck reporting on decorating. He features Mr Tait's jade collection shortly before it is stolen and Mrs Tait suffers a fatal heart attack, during the robbery. Koko as usual solves the case and gets Yum Yum (the former Mrs Tait's cat)  for a partner. If you didn't love Qwilleran before his compassion for Yum Yum is sure to win you over.
  8. Die Trying by Lee Child ~ Jack Reacher sees a pretty woman struggling with her dry cleaning and a crutch and stops to help. Which leads to them both being kidnapped by White Supremacist and taken to their headquarters in Montana. My favorite part of the book was when Reacher refused to shoot the dogs that had been sent to kill him, as he felt it was morally wrong to shoot dogs that were not acting from free choice.