Sep 29, 2010

Alasandra's Reading List ~ September

  1. Echo Burning by Lee Child (A Jack Reacher Novel) - I love the Aloysius X. L. Pendergast novels Lincoln Child (Lee Child's brother) wrote with Douglass Preston so when I saw the Jack Reacher series mentioned on one of my friends blogs I moved Child to the top of my reading list. Reacher hitches a ride with Carmen Greer only to discover she is hoping he will kill her abusive husband for her, when Sloop (the husband) gets out of prison. He refuses but does teach her how to shoot the gun she bought and sticks around to help her run if she wants. Then Sloop winds up dead while Reacher is being escorted off the ranch by Texas Rangers and Carmen is the chief suspect. But Reacher knows there is no way that she made the shot so he has to figure out why she is confessing to a crime she didn't commit then prove her innocent.
  2. America's Hidden History by Kenneth C. Davis - Learn about Fort Caroline built by the French in the 1560s. Phillip II of Spain sent Admiral Pedro Menendez to remove the French from Fort Caroline (Florida) in 1565. Find out more about Hannah Emerson Dustin (Haverhill, Massachusetts - March 1697), Thomas Morton (School of Atheism), John Endecott, King Philip aka Metacom, Mary Rowlandson, Anne Hutchinson, Eunice Williams and Mary Dyer.
  3. Fever Dream by Preston & Child - Aloysius Pendergast discovers that the tragic hunting accident that claimed his wife's life twelve years ago was in fact murder. With the help of Vinnie D'Agosta Pendergast sets out to discover who killed his wife and why, but when they get to close to the truth a mysterious shooter starts tying up lose ends. When a bullet puts Vinnie out of commission his girlfriend Laura Hayward steps in to help and discovers she enjoys Pendergast's method of doing things. The book ends with Pendergast and Hayward discovering WHY Helen Pendergast was killed, but the identity of the mysterious shooter is still supposedly unknown to them, which means Pendergast may be walking into a trap when he accepts the invitation of the killer (I will have to way until the next book to see, but I suspect that Pendergast is beginning to suspect the killer not much gets past him). Constance has returned to the States and has been locked up in a mental ward, she supposedly threw her baby overboard when traveling by ship back to America. 
  4. The Postcard Killers by James Patterson & Liza Marklund - Jacob Kanon is determined to find who killed his daughter and her husband in Rome. With the help of a Swedish Reporter he'll see the killers brought to justice or die trying. 
  5. Hangman by Faye Kellerman (A Decker/Lazarus Novel) - For those of you familiar with the series you'll recognize Chris Whitman (aka Chris Donatti professional killer) and his wife Terry McLaughlin who reenter Decker's life. Terry supposedly wants Decker to chaperon a discussion between her and Chris about a separation. But when Terry disappears shortly after the discussion Decker has to wonder if she just played him in order to get her son with Chris, Gabe into his  home while she disappears with a lover or if Chris killed her. If taking care of Gabe isn't complicated enough a nurse is also found swinging from the rafters at a construction site and before Decker can find her killer her friends start turning up dead.
  6. Impact by Douglas Preston - It all begins when Abby Straw "borrows" her Father's lobster boat in order to find a meteorite that landed on a nearby island. Meanwhile Wyman Ford (Preston fans will recognize the name from previous books) has been sent to Cambodia to get information on a mine that radioactive gemstones are coming from. The information he discovers in Cambodia leads him to Mark Corso an ex technician with NPF who was fired because he knew to much about the gamma rays emitting from Deimos.  Now a mole inside NPF wants the three dead, can they survive long enough to save Earth from the Deimos Machine?
  7. Killing Floor by Lee Child ~ Jack Reacher is passing through Margrave, Georgia when he is arrested for a crime he didn't commit. Jack isn't too worried as he can prove he was miles away at the time, as soon as he is cleared he plans to leave town. Then he discovers the murdered man was his brother Joe who was investigating a crime in Margrave. With the help of Roscoe and Finley, Jack sets out to bring down his brothers killers.
  8. Tough Customer by Sandra Brown - Brown first introduced Dodge Hanley in her book Smash Cut, in Tough Customer the crusty PI is out to save his daughter from a deranged madman and he is willing to die to do it. The question is does he love Caroline King enough to live.
  9. The Cat Who Turned On and Off by Lilian Jackson Braun - KoKo and Yum Yum (two lovable Siamese) help Qwilleran solve two murders in Junktown, that the police have ruled accidental.
  10. The Cat Who Saw Red by Lilian Jackson Braun - Qwilleran moves into Maus Haus after being assigned to write a gourmet column. Not long after moving into Maus Haus his ex fiancee Joy Graham gives him a sob story about wanting to leave her husband and he writes her a check for $750 and then she disappears in the middle of the night. Qwilleran suspects Joy's husband has something to do with her disappearance but he has no proof that she isn't in Florida like her husband claims. Then the houseboy William disappears. It's not until Qwilleran stumbles on the secret to Dan's remarkable red glaze with KoKo's help that the mystery is solved and thanks to Yum Yum Dan's attempt to silence Qwilleran is foiled. 
  11. The Lone Drow by R.A. Salvatore ~ Drizzt still believes all his friends died at Shallows, he continues hunting orcs and teams up with  a pair of surface elves Innovindil and Tarathiel. Meanwhile his friends have made it back to Mithral Hall where they must fight to survive the orc invasion.

Sep 17, 2010

Dining with Alasandra ~ Leo's

I meet a friend for lunch yesterday at Leo's Wood Fired Pizza. The court yard is charming, unfortunately it was too warm to sit in the courtyard at noon. I love dining outdoors. The interior was nice though it had pictures of famous movie stars like Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley and Rosalind Russell.

I had the Crawfish Pie. The crust was great and the pizza was big enough for at least two people. I brought some home for Youngest to eat for supper. While I found the pizza tasty they were a little stingy with the crawfish.

Sep 6, 2010

Dinning with Alasandra

We ate at Newk's before eldest headed back to college. I had the Pesto Chicken. A grilled chicken breast, with pesto sauce, roasted red and yellow bell peppers and goat cheese. Loved the goat cheese, and the bread was yummy but I found the sandwich to be a little heavy on the pesto.