Aug 6, 2010

Book Review ~ Earth is Not Alone by John Knapp II

The Emryss Chronicles

Since this book is targeted for teens I asked my boys if they would like to read it. My 19 year old took a pass, but my 21 year old read it and and pronounced it passable.

I find Knapp's switching between the past and present annoying. Also he refers to Jonas Harwell as Michael Hammond Jr's Step-Father which is INCORRECTA STEP-Parent is someone who is married to one of your biological parents. The only way Jonas Harwell would be Michael's Step-Father would have been for him to be married to Michael's Mother, which he wasn't. Jonas Harwell is Michael's adopted Dad. He adopted Michael after his parents were killed in a car crash that also claimed the life of Jonas' wife. Also the adoption seems a bit POINTLESS as Michael lives with his Great-Aunt.

Dr Jonas Harwell is the preacher at Grace Missionary Alliance Church (the plot is frequently interrupted by a sermon or prayer from him), besides adopting Michael he is also the legal guardian of  Triana Simms (Alien). Both Michael and Triana have Marvin Cample (Atheist) for a teacher. The book opens with Mr Cample accusing Michael & Triana of cheating due to them both turning in similar folktales from Emryss. At this point Mr. Cample doesn't know Triana is an Alien, much less that Emryss actually exist. A secondary plot involves the Earth being hit be an electronic magnetic pulse frying all the electronic gadgets on earth. The United States is living under a barter economy.

The folktales they turned in are shared in their entirety and are rather enjoyable. In fact for me they were the most enjoyable part of the book.

The character development stinks. I never felt a connection with any of the characters and could have cared less what happened to them.

If you want to be preached at and told how wonderful Christianity is this book is for you. If you want an enjoyable read I recommend you look elsewhere.

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