Aug 28, 2010

Alasandra's Reading List ~ August

  1. Bastion of Darkness by R. A. Salvatore - Del returns to save his daughter. Belexus finds a way to defeat the undead Hollis Mitchell and Rhiannon defeats Morgan Thalasi once and for all.
  2. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown - Great book, full of lots of interesting tidbits about Washington D.C.. Robert Langdon's friend and mentor is kidnapped and he must decipher the Masonic Pyramid to get him back. 
  3. Earth is Not alone by John Knapp II (See Book Review) Thumbs down in my opinion, I am sorry I wasted my time reading it. Frankly I think the book belongs in the dustbin.
  4. Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton - Enjoyable Read. Captain Charles Hunter makes a daring raid on Matanceros, survives hurricanes, cannibals and a kraken only to discover that Port Royal is under the control of a deadly enemy. With help from his crew he escapes and delivers justice to those who betrayed him.
  5. Mortal Fear by Greg Iles - Great book! Harper Cole has a secret that could destroy his marriage, but when he uses the secret to lure a psychopath that has been stalking women online into the open, someone close to him will die. Can he clear his best friends name and stop the psychopath before he and his wife becomes the next victims.
  6. The Touch by F. Paul Wilson - Alan Bulmer is an old fashion doctor who believes in healing people, he even makes house calls. His life is changed forever when a dying derelict touches him and passes on Dat-tay-vao (the ability to heal any illness at certain times of the day). Unfortunately the ability to heal comes with a price every time he heals someone a part of his brain is destroyed. Will his love for the Widow Nash and her autistic son led him to destroy himself in order to cure Jeffy?
  7. The Thousand Orcs by R. A. Salvatore (Book I The Hunter's Blade Trilogy) - The Companions & Bruenor's dwarven army set out for Mithral Hall, where Bruenor will be crowned King, again. They stop by the rival city of Mirabar where they find they are unwelcome by the human inhabitants of the city. Continuing on their way they find Nikwillig and Tred, two dwarves from Citadel Felbarr whose trading party was wiped out by giants and orcs. Nikwillig and a small body of dwarves continue on to Mithral Hall to prepare for an orc attack. While King Bruenor and the rest head to warn the human city of Shallows of the orc activity. They are warmly welcomed by the inhabits of Shallows and their wizard but before they can prepare a thousand orcs and ten frost giants attack the city. Drizzt & Guenhwyvar leave their friends behind to stop the giants' attack on the city. Regis sneaks off to go get help and Wulfgar, Catti-brie, King Bruenor and the remaining soldiers attempt to defend the city. When all hope is lost and the city is falling Regis arrives with reinforcements. They manage to rescue the survivors but must leave immediately before Drizzt can rejoin them. Believing themselves to be surrounded by orcs, they are relived to discover Torgar Hammerstriker with a host of dwarves from Mirabar who were on their way to Mithral Hall in the hopes of finding a new home amongst their kin.
  8. Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott - a very disturbing book. It weaves seventeenth century murders in with modern day ones.  The book revolves around a book being written by Elizabeth Vogelsang about Newton at the time of her death and the secrets the ghostwriter Lydia uncovers.  
  9. The White Queen by Philippa Gregory - I love her books and it has been a long time since I have read one.  The book opens with Elizabeth Woodville a young widow with two boys (The Grey Boys) standing by the roadside in hopes of catching the eye of King Edward IV. Their attraction is instantaneous and they secretly marry. After he secures the crown he brings her to London and has her crowned Queen. They have a number of children including two boys of their own Edward (Prince of Wales) & Richard as well as Princess Elizabeth (their eldest daughter).  King Edward puts down a number of rebellions including one by his brother George the Duke of Clarence and Warwick. Just when it looks as if the Royal Family & England will know peace King Edward takes a cold and dies. Richard takes Edward (Prince of Wales) into his custody and imprisons him in the Tower of London, and has himself crowned King. Queen Elizabeth takes her other children and goes into sanctuary. She first schemes with the Duke of Buckingham and Margaret Beaufort (Henry Tudor's Mother) to overthrow Richard but then fearing they will double cross her and take Edward's thrown for Henry she accepts Richard's rule as King. Her daughter falls in love with her Uncle Richard and they have plans to marry. Queen Elizabeth believes that Buckingham and Margaret Beaufort had her son Edward and the young boy with him in the tower killed. Queen Elizabeth's youngest son Richard has been sent into hiding. At the end of the book King Richard has promised to name his nephew Richard as his heir and Queen Elizabeth is considering bringing him out of hiding.
  10. The Search by Nora Roberts ~ Excellent book I couldn't put it down. Fiona and Simon are a cute and funny couple.  When Simon's Mother gives him a puppy (Jaws) he needs dog trainer Fiona to save the day.  Fiona is being stalked by a serial killer so her life is just a tad complicated, but it's nothing Simon can't handle, even though she isn't his type.

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  1. Wow, that is quite a list. Some of them sound interesting. I am currently working on "The Misted Cliffs" by Caterine Asaro. Good read. Enjoy yours,


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