Jul 1, 2010

Alasandra's Reading list ~ June

  1. Love in a Time of Homeschooling by Laura Brodie reviewed at Alasandra's Homeschool Blog.
  2. By the Sword by F. Paul Wilson- Jack teams up with Glaeken ( glad I finally meet the guy) to retrieve a katana and Rasalom regains control of Dawn and her baby. Glaeken & Jack also stop the Black Wind from destroying New York and Jack learns more of the Secret History of the World.
  3. Servant of the Shard by R. A. Salvatore - After tricking Drizzt into giving him the Crystal Shard in the previous book Jarlaxle starts making mistakes. Realizing the Shard is manipulating Jarlaxle, Artemis Entreri determines to steal the Shard from him and take it to Cadderly to be destroyed. Unfortunately Jarlaxle's lieutenants in Bregan D'aerthe plot to overthrow him and take the Shard. After outwitting them Jarlaxle & Entreri reach Cadderly and take it to a Red Dragon's lair in order to destroy it. Before it can be destroyed Bregan D'aerthe attacks. Artemis saves Danica while Jarlaxle destroys the Shard. Jarlaxle turns Bregan D'aerthe over to Kimmuriel so he can stay on the surface with Artemis Entreri. (Entreri still believes he killed Drizzt).
  4. Breathless by Dean Koontz - Grady and his Irish Wolfhound Merlin discover two strange animals in the woods, who follow them home. Tom Bigger returns to his parents old home in time to save the life of a young woman and her son from a hired killer and Henry realizes he can't live with murdering his own brother in order to assume his identity.
  5. Echoes of the Fourth Magic by R. A. Salvatore - The survivors of The Unicorn find themselves in the future on a Earth that has been destroyed by a nuclear holocaust. Angelic beings saved 4 adults and trained them as wizards to care for the children of the holocaust. The first mutation of man, the Talons are a wicked race serving Morgan Thalasi's  (one of the 4 adults) designs for power. The second mutation of man were Elves, due to their experience with the Talons the Humans (Calvans) treated them harshly and drove them into exile. Now Jeff "Del" DelGuidice has to teach the Elves and the Calvans to get along before the New Earth is engulfed in constant wars between the two.
  6. Trixie's Guide to A Happy Life by Trixie Koontz, Dog as told to Dean Koontz - Very cute. This is a great book to read if you need cheering up.
  7. Frankenstein ~ dead and alive by Dean Koontz - Book 3 in the Frankenstein trilogy. Victor Helios' New Race is experiencing a break down in their programs and killing the Old Race in New Orleans. Erika Five and Jocko are determined to escape from Victor.  Deucalion, Carson O'Connor and Michael Maddison are determined to foil Victor's plans and end his life. But can Victor really be stopped.
  8. Relentless by Dean Koontz ~ Milo and Lassie (an Australian Shepard mix that Milo rescued from a shelter) save Milo's parents from a diabolical book critic.
  9. a big little life A Memoir of a Joyful Dog by Dean Koontz (aka Trixie's Dad) ~ The inspirational story of how one dog (Trixie) changed her family's life and the wonderful difference she is still making in the lives of so many, even though she has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  The Dean, Gerda and Trixie Koontz Campus of CCI as well as the Trixie Fund which helps to pay catastrophic medical bills for the dogs of people with disabilities.  
  10. Ceremony of the Innocent by Taylor Caldwell - A simple housemaid Ellen is loved by two men. Jeremy Porter whose realism will cost him his life and Francis Porter whose idealism will betray him. Through the years Ellen's insistence on "loving & trusting" the wrong people will lead to her destruction.

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