Jul 31, 2010

Alasandra's Reading List ~ July

  1. Ground Zero by F. Paul Wilson - Jack's childhood friend Weezy is targeted by "The One" as she suspects that there was a sinister plot behind "The Twin Towers" being destroyed on September 11th. With Jacks help she discovers that The Towers had to be destroyed so The Order could dig up the first column and create the Fhinntmanchca, whose sole purpose is to destroy The Lady. Can Jack save The Lady.
  2. A River in The Sky by Elizabeth Peters - Well the editor found another lost manuscript so this book takes place before they discover Sethos is Emerson's half-brother and before Ramses and Nefret marry and produce children. Ramses is working in Samaria with Reisner when a British operative makes contact with him. After he finds the operative dead he attempts to reach Jerusalem but is waylaid by Mansur and Frau von Eine. When Ramses fails to turn up David sets off to find him and finds himself waylaid by the duo too. Ramses & David escape. Meanwhile Emerson and Peabody have this hands full with Major Morley and his con artist sidekick Plato Panagopolous treasure hunters who are looking for the Ark of the Covenant.
  3. The Witch's Daughter by R.A. Salvatore - Rhiannon (the daughter of the Emerald Witch & Del) is an adult now.  For her birthday she asks to visit the lands outside Avalon and Brielle arranges for Andovar and Belexus to take Rhiannon with them to Pallendara. Before they reach Pallendara, the combined Morgan Thalasi-Martin Reinheiser thing (The Black Warlock) raises and army of talons and sets off to conquer the world.  The three friends must help hold the army at bay until help can arrive and The Black Warlock can be defeated.  But before he can be stopped The Black Warlock raises the wraith of Hollis Mitchell. Will anyone be able to stop the evil Mitchell's insatiable hunger for revenge.
  4. Frankenstein Lost Souls by Dean Koontz - this is a cliffhanger and you will have to wait until Spring 2011 for the next book. Deucalion's intuition tells him that Victor is alive. He goes to San Fransisco to consult with Michael & Carson about where to look for Victor, when they get a call from Erica Five, she has spotted Victor in Rainbow Falls, Montana. The trio head to Rainbow Falls to stop Victor. Nummy ( a 30 year old retarded boy) is in jail for his protection and his cell mate is Mr. Lyss (a burglar) when the first batch of old humans are brought in for processing by A Builder. After seeing what is going on Mr. Lyss breaks them out of jail. They manage to destroy three of the cocoons (future Builders) in a house they have broken into. They are attempting to flee town but the Replica Police have road blocks around the town. Bryce ( an elderly western writer in the hospital with chest pains) and Travis (a young boy in the hospital for severe allergies to chlorine) realize something is amiss. After seeing one patient clubbed to death after attempting to leave the hospital by the front door they make a daring roof top escape and seek refuge at  Colonel Sully York's. Denise Benedetto (an elementary school teacher who has been replicated) manages to escape long enough to meet Carson & Michael at a dinner and beg them to save her "baby", before the Replica Police take her away. Getting her address from the waitress Carson & Michael kill the Replica Denise and have Deucalion take her daughter to Erica. Victor's planned slaughter at the roadhouse goes amiss when the Churchgoers manage to break out. (to be continued).
  5. Born of Fire by Sherrilyn Kenyon ~Sheridan Wade has spent a life time paying for his Father's crimes. Wanted for crimes he didn't commit and unable to clear his name without facing the Mother who abandoned him,  he is determined to trust no one. Seax Shahara Dagan has sworn to bring him to justice but discovers the "real man" behind the mask. Will she choose love or duty?
  6. The Spine of the World by R.A. Salvatore - Wulfgar is falsely accused of plotting to kill Captain Deudermont. Tortured and fixing to be executed Wulfgar and Morik are fixing to be executed when Captain Deudermont insist that they be pardoned. Expelled from Luskan Morik and Wulfgar set out for The Spine of the World, and set themselves up as highwaymen. Falsely accused of rape by Meralda, Wulfgar is captured by a wizard, and brought before Meralda's husband (Lord Feringal) for punishment. Wulfgar refuses to betray Meralda's secret and escapes with Meralda's help. Wulfgar decides to turn his life around and stops drinking, fearing for Meralda's safety he returns and claims her babe as his own.
  7. Spandau Phoenix by Greg Iles - When prisoner # 7 dies a German Soldier stumbles upon his diary and uncovers a plot to destroy Israel. With the help of his father and a mysterious Jewish Agent can he save his wife and stop a madman. This is an old favorite of mine and the ending still makes me cry.
  8. Born of Ice by Sherrilyn Kenyon - Merjack (the grandson of Syn's old enemy) is determined to capture Devyn (Syn & Shahara's son). Merjack blackmails Alix Garran into fabricating evidence against Devyn but Devyn comes up with a plan to turn the tables on the tyrant. Then Paden (Syn's son) enters the picture.
  9. Sea of Swords by R. A. Salvatore - Wulfgar joins forces with Bruenor, Catti-brie, Regis and Drizzt to regain Aegis-Fang. Le'lorinel plots to kill Drizzt.
I have been asked to do a Book Review of Earth is Not Alone by John Knapp II, which I am reading now. The review should be posted shortly.

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