May 20, 2010

Thursday in the Garden

We have been getting lots of rain here so "The Wild Thing" (Artemisia) has been staying indoors. She is just the right size for a lap cat and has been sharing the chair and a half in the Family Room with me. Monday morning I was able to plant the Jonquils my Mother In Law gave me when we were in Meridian for my Mom's surgery . I planted some in the flowerbed in front and some around my Japanese Magnolia.  Then we got MORE RAIN!

I love wildflowers. This is wild Bugleweed.

Some cheerful yellow violets. I need to get rid of the dollar weed though.

I love these Azaleas. I wish I had some in front of my house too.

I love this color.

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  1. The flowers are beautiful but Artemisia more so.


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