May 16, 2010

Alasandra's Garden

The Stokes Aster is full of blooms. I hope I have a chance to show you a picture of it blooming. We have been getting mega rain, so while I noticed it was blooming yesterday when I took Fenris for a walk I haven't had a chance to get a picture of it. The purple Verbena did great, it is one of the first things to bloom in the butterfly garden. I hope to get more Verbena in different colors. The Encore Azaleas had a hard time of it this winter and don't seem to be doing very well. While I love the fact the Encore blooms all year they seem to be less hardy then regular Azaleas so I don't think I'll get any more.

Hubby is building a raised bed around Charybdis' grave. This is his most ambitious one to date as he is making it round..

The pink & white Verbena around Whiskers' grave. The pink did wonderful, but the white seems to be struggling to survive.

The blue flowers died after we got a heavy rain. Sorry I can't remember their name.

I love pots that are unique, I am trying to find more. Especially in larger sizes. This one is a nice size as I was able to get several plants in it.

I think it looks nice on top of the water faucet. I want to get another one for the faucet in front of the barn. I'll probably wait till this fall though.


  1. Oh you have a lovely garden with lots of flowers that will make the bees happy.

  2. What a lovely lovely garden.
    I can see that it brings you great peace...



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