Apr 22, 2010

Great Letter to the Editor ~ Health Care Reform

Thank you, Mississippians, for making your voices heard

As a consumer health advocate who participated in the health care reform debate over the last year, I want to thank and commend the many Mississippians who stood up and made their voices heard. In the face of opposition and misinformation, our statewide network of supporters from all walks of life fought for health care reform, knowing what it would mean for Mississippi. We know our work is not done. We will continue to ensure that health care reform is implemented in our state.

The new law will help middle-class families by curbing costs and protecting them from crushing medical debt. It will help seniors caught in the prescription drug doughnut hole to finally afford medications they need. And Mississippians who don’t have health insurance will be able to access care.

We will continue to work on behalf of people across Mississippi, and to provide information to people seeking the truth about how the new law will affect them.

Executive director, Mississippi Health Advocacy Program Jackson

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