Apr 30, 2010

Alasandra's Reading list ~ April

  1. Siege of Darkness by R.A. Salvatore ~ Madam Baenre leads her drow army to Mithril Hall.
  2. Free Fall by Fern Michaels - Yoko gets revenge on her Father before the Ladies of Pinewood are captured by the authorities. 
  3. Witch & Wizard by James Patterson  (teen) - I highly recommend it for any of you who are looking for a gift for a pre-teen or young teen. Wisty and Whit Allgood are on the run from the evil regime. If they are caught they and their parents will be executed for being witches and wizards.
  4. Vision in White by Nora Roberts -Seems like for a stuffy English Professor Carer Maguire has the right moves to win Mackenise Elliot's heart.
  5. Passage to Dawn by R.A. Salvatore - Drizzt and Cattie-brie have made a life aboard the Sea Sprite, then a doppelganger turns their world upside down, when he attacks Captain Deudermont. The friends set out on a quest that leads to their returning to Icewind Dale where they are reunited with Bruenor and Regis. Together they must fight the Crystal Shard and Errtu, if they win Wulfgar will be restored to them. 
  6. Harbingers by F. Paul Wilson -A spear has no branches. Can Jack stop the Ally from taking everyone he loves.
  7. Bad Attitude by Sherrilyn Kenyon - BAD gets J.D. Steele out of prison to stop an assassin, but can he do it  when the assassin turns out to be a member of his family.
  8. Bloodline by F. Paul Wilson - Jack discovers his possesses oDNA and must stop a killer who is determined to purify his bloodline and father the "Key to the Future". 


  1. A book list! Mommy loves to read. Right now she's finishing up Sharon Kay Penman's Welsh trilogy, at about 800 pages per book! Thank goodness for Kindle.
    xx lounge kats

  2. Thank you so much for sending on the remedies link. It was so thoughtful and kind of you.

  3. Alasandra, I have great news for you!!! Check your e-mail and e-maill me back concerning my GIVEAWAY at Food As Art!!!

  4. Angus, I wish there was more I could do. I hope one of the remedies helps. ~Alasandra

  5. Beth, going to check my email now.


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