Mar 15, 2010

The Chair

Since I got new curtains and a new bedspread I decided to redo the chair. One of the cats had thrown up on it and the liquid soaked into the cotton padding. The first step was to remove the padding. This was easily accomplished as it was falling off.

I wound up getting foam to replace the cotton padding.

I choose this as you could cut it to fit. I had to cut two separate pieces.

I used fabric glue to glue the foam to the board. I got to this point in the project and the project was stalled for several weeks as I could not find the staple gun. Hubby had thoughtfully brought it up to the house for me from his shop, but then he could remember where he had put it in the garage. The staple gun was eventually found and the project continued..........................

I found this fabric remnant on sale at Wal-mart so I went ahead and used it instead of buying an extra pillowcase.

Getting ready to staple it.



Seeing how it looks in the dining room. I don't think it looks good with the wallpaper.

I also think it looks to square.

 Pulled it tighter , so it doesn't look so square.

I used this chair in the bedroom till I got the other one finished. It has been restored to the dining room. I think it goes better with the wallpaper.

It looked good in the bedroom though.

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