Mar 11, 2010

67 year old driving Truck that pushed car into path of tractor-trailer

They said Michael Decuir, 67, of Daphne, Ala., was westbound in a large-model Ford pickup when he lost control in the rain at around 3 p.m. Tuesday. There are still tracks in the grass where his truck left the road, crossed the median at a shallow angle and plowed into the eastbound lanes as traffic was reaching the end of the long Pascagoula River bridge.

Truck pushed car into path of tractor-trailer - Moss Point -

I wonder if the 67 Decuir lost control due to his AGE? You can bet if a teen had been driving you would hear someone screaming about raising the age limit for teens to get their driver's licenses. How come when a Senior Citizen causes a wreck you never hear someone say he/she probably shouldn't have been driving and suggest taking the license of people who are no longer competent to drive away?

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