Feb 20, 2010

Little Changes Make A Big Difference

We needed a new bedspread and I kinda wanted to change things up. But I wanted to keep the border I used with my last bedspread so Hubby wouldn't have to paint. Don't think I am being sweet and considerate I want him to make me some more raised flower beds. First I got new sheets with a nice floral print.

They look really nice with my new comforter and curtains.

Notice the pink butterfly amongst the pink and blue flowers.

I love the embroidered pink roses on the sides.

The matching curtains.

I love they way the comforter and curtains look but I'll NEVER get 100% cotton again. I hate to iron. Mainly because I am so bad at it. I burnt my hand ironing the bed-skirt.


  1. ohhh pretty. I like having solid colored sheets and floral quilts hehehe i dont know why

  2. Youngest Boy bean has solid colored everything. ~AFSS

  3. So pretty - love the colors and the butterflies too. Nice job and here's hoping you get those flower beds:)

  4. This is soooo pretty.

  5. Love the comforter and your room in general. The vanity looks vintage and is VERY cool!


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