Feb 2, 2010

Books read in January

  1. All the Rage by F. Paul Wilson ~ Dragovic gets more then he bargained for when Jack is accidentally dosed with a new designer street drug made from the last surviving rakosh. And Jack discovers the rakosh, Scar-lip, may have a streak of humanity in him after all.
  2. Rough Country ~ Flowers is losing his touch he didn't get a single girl in this book, but he did solve the murders.
  3. I, Alex Cross by James Patterson - someone rich, powerful and with connections to the White House is savagely torturing young women & boys and having them disposed of in a wood chipper. Alex's niece is one of the victims, can Alex bring her killer to justice or will the "government" protect the killer.
  4. Hosts by F. Paul Wilson ~ Jack is reunited with is sister. Unfortunately she has been infected with  a virus that takes over your brain and turns you into a Host with a hive mentality.  
  5. The Halfling's Gem by R. A. Salvatore - believing Bruenor to be dead Drizzt and Wulfgar set out to rescue Regis and Guenhwyvar from Artemis. On the way Drizzt plunders a magical mask from a banshee that allows him to pass as a surface elf.  Realizing that Artemis has set out to sea with his captives Drizzt and Wulfgar follow him on the Sea Sprite with Captain Deudermont. Pook has his pirate allies attack the Sea Sprite and all appears to be lost until Bruenor and Catti-brie show up in a flaming chariot. After defeating the pirates the Sea Sprite has to put into the nearest port for repairs and the friends are forced to cross the desert. Meanwhile Pook summons Guenhwyvar and orders the cat to kill Regis, instead Guenhwyvar takes Regis to safety. Pook then orders his wizard to use the Taros Hoop to retrieve Regis.  Finding Pook's strong hold the friends brave the sewers and fight off Rassiter and his wererats. When they reach Pook they are thrown through the Taros Hoop into Tarterus. Regis manages to retrieve the scepter that controls the portal and the statuette of Guenhwyvar from Pook's pocket and follows his friends into Tarterus. Attempting to throw the scepter to his friends so they can escape it falls short and Catti-brie jumps after it. She catches the scepter and throws it to her friends supposedly falling to her death. Drizzt uses the scepter to get Bruenor and Wulfgar back to Pook's then rescues Catti-brie. Guenhwyvar takes Regis to safety and they return to Pook's with some of Guenhwyvar's cat friends.  Pook is defeated and Regis takes his place as Guildmaster. Regis then pays for Captain Deudermont to take his friends home on the Sea Sprite so that Bruenor can lead the war to regain his kingdom.  Supposedly learning of Catti-brie and Wulfgar's wedding Regis shows up at Mithril Hall unexpectedly.  
  6.  The Legacy by R. A. Salvatore - Regis sows discord among the friends and Drizzt is disturbed by Regis' new found prowess with weapons. Bruenor sends Drizzt and Regis to look for some dwarfs who are missing. Only after they are gone does Bruenor realize that Regis used the ruby pendant to get him to send him with Drizzt, and sets off to find the pair. Drizzt realizes that Regis is really Artemis using the magical mask and that he has teamed with Drizzt's kin folk.  Drizzt escapes the trap and finds the real Regis (badly battered) eventually he and Artemis duel. The drow attack Bruenor and his party and one of the friends is killed.  
  7. The Time Traveler's Wife - very romantic and sad. I didn't like the casual drug & alcohol abuse throughout the book. I also found Henry's attitude that breaking the law while Time Traveling was OK, disturbing.
  8. Weekend Warriors by Fern Michaels ~ The Sisterhood gets even with the three men who raped Katherine while her disabled husband watched.
  9. Payback by Fern Michaels ~ The Sisterhood gets even with Senator Watson for giving his wife Aids as well as with the owners of an HMO who rake in record profits by denying life saving services to their subscribers.
  10. The First Patient by Michael Palmer - President Stoddard has two secrets that could cost him the election, and both involve his personal physician.

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