Feb 26, 2010

American Lube Fast Ripped Us Off

I really hate it when mechanics or other service technicians take advantage of people. American Lube Fast Store #0147 on Washington Avenue pulled a fast one on my youngest son.

The oil in the car our 18 year old son drives needed changing. He took it by American Lube Fast for us and the technicians insisted he also needed to get the Transmission Fluid Exchanged ($109.99) & the Engine Flushed ($59.99). Even though according to the maintenance manual for the car it was NO where near time for the Transmission Fluid to be changed. According to the Honda Accord Manuel the Transmission fluid doesn't need to be replaced until 8 years or 120,000 miles. Our car is barely 5 years old and only has 55,042 miles on it. We did NOT WANT the Transmission Fluid Exchanged or the Engine Flushed. We only wanted the oil changed ($31.99). They did it anyway costing us an additional $169.98 We will NOT be back to American Lube Fast after being ripped off like this.

My husband went down there to complain but of course since they bullied an 18 year old into signing off on it there was nothing we could do.


  1. that is so lame, I really hate stuff like that being young myself I know stuff like that is going to happen and would never go anywhere without my Dad. He knew it was a better idea anyway me being a young girl he would do the talking I would do the taking

  2. Unfortunately you will probably be faced with this forever being female. I don't know how many mechanics have assumed I am some dumb female that will buy whatever they are trying to sell. I grew up helping my Dad work on the family cars, lawn mowers, and kitchen appliances so it is kinda hard to pull the wool over my eyes. What really makes me mad is I know if my husband had brought the car in they wouldn't have even mentioned it because they would have known that he would have realized the car didn't need the transmission fluid changed. But they saw a young inexperienced boy and took advantage.

  3. oh no-that stinks big time--I'd complain to their home office/corporate...might not do anygood but I'd let them know they lost a customer....stuff like that just makes me mad....

  4. That is just awful. I think you should have your husband talk to the manager and if no luck, then go to the next level up. Be like Dennis the Visla and never give up.

  5. Can you post a complaint with the BBB? That is .... Never mind, won't say it. But it was wrong!

  6. I let corporate know today, they had a let us know how we are doing link on their website.

    Hubby talked to the manager but his position was youngest boy OK'd it so they didn't do anything WRONG!

    Contacting the BBB is a good idea JFF, I'll do that now.

  7. Laughing at your comment about being faced with things like this as a female. I went with my sister one day just to keep her company while she was looking at cars. The salesman kept telling me about about technical parts of the car while showing her the vanity mirror. My sister asked him a technical mechanical question he could not question, answered it for him, and then walked off the lot. (P.S. - I had to have her explain the technical answer to me because I did understand it, but I still laughed the whole time).

  8. When I was in High School I took Fashion Merchandising and we all had to compete in the DECA competition, there were no Fashion spots so I got stuck in Service Station Retailing. The teacher assumed since I was a girl the guy in the marketing class would know more about Service Station Retailing so she gave him the supervisory spot. We were suppose to compete for it and had asked these two cute guys (identical twins) to tutor me. The guy (who was a friend of mine and was clueless about cars) made her test us like she was suppose to cause he knew I would win. Not only did I beat him but I got 1st place district and 2nd place State and got to go to Nationals in Kansas City. Didn't place there but most of my competition actually worked in Service Stations when I got to National.

  9. Ignoring for a second the shady businesses practices displayed here - they actually are right about the tranny fluid exchange. A transmission rebuild costs over $2000. There is no way I would ever let any vehicle I owned go more than about 3 years or 30K miles without a transmission flush. Honda's interest is in selling you a new car every 4-5 years, not in helping you make this one last 200K miles. And $109 is a fair price to the transmission price too.

    None of which excuses their bullying your son into doing it.

  10. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Hello I used to work at American LubeFast on Washington Ave. here in Ocean Springs and was unceremoniously fired.
    I've seen a lot of sly business going on during my short time there and have finally found a forum to air it out. Let everyone else on the Gulf Coast here be advised of their underhanded dealings as well which is all across the board at all locations along the MS Gulf Coast.
    Corporate policy stated to "advise" consumers of items that need attention "according to manufacturer's recommendations" with no pressure sales. That's BS as the manager there one Mr. Wesley Strickland pushes the techs to sell services even when they are not needed because he wants to keep numbers up in accordance with previous years sales and to look good for corporate when they get no additional funding for doing so other than recognition.
    I had repeatedly protested myself when additional services were enforced upon me when clearly those services did not need to be done. All I was informed of was "we are doing this according to the mileage and by manufacturer's recommendations". There are also some, not many, underhanded employees who will purposely make something look bad by taking engine film from another location and rubbing it on what they have to show to the customer.
    The techs here are under constant pressure to sell services because it is one of the highest grossing stores here on the Gulf Coast and for the company. Part of it is due to the demographic of the individuals living in this particular area (high income individuals, etc.)
    The techs at this location are under constant pressure to sell services to keep up with previous year's numbers and are hounded when they do not.

  11. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Wonder if the EPA would shut them down if they tested the water sitting in the drainage ditch right in front of the store.
    Does no good to complain to a corporate or business website. Contact WLOX, The Sun Herald or whoever. I'd be willing to give a statement, etc. to help you in your endeavor. :)


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