Dec 28, 2009

Before and After

Walls are primed ready to be painted.

Shelves will be torn out.

The wall are painted. I just love the Raspberry color.

I found this rug and I thought the wall picked up the colors from the poinsettias nicely, since it isn't too Christmasy I'll probably use it all winter.

The white trim sets off the raspberry walls nicely.

Starting work on the pantry.

Repairing the wall.

Wall primed.

New light fixture. They just had a light bulb in here no fixture at all.

Pantry walls painted blue. I love the contrast between the dark and light.

Hangers for the shelves in place.

We are almost finished. The trim still has to be painted, the laundry room door replaced and the water heater put back where it belongs. Maybe (fingers crossed) by New Years.

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