Sep 2, 2009

Great Letter to the Editor by Louis Fuchs

Blaming the deficit is disingenuous, at best
At Rep. Gene Taylor’s town hall meeting in Moss Point, there was a lot of loud and intimidating shouting against health care reform. I expected that. What surprised me was the amount of real anger expressed by many of the attendees, anger that went beyond the health care issue.

When Rep. Taylor tried to explain how the deficit progressed from where it was in the 1980s to where it is today, many in the crowd jeered and claimed that we’ve had problems for only the last six months. The crowd angrily demanded to know why Rep. Taylor voted for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and, before he could explain that he did so because she had promised to support his all-perils insurance proposal, they shouted him down.

Add in the lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina and the severe recession, and you have a recipe for stress. Throw in some lies about “death panels,” and people can succumb to fear and anger.

The vested interests that stand to profit billions will do anything to destroy meaningful reform and preserve a system where they control the market.

Congress did not seem concerned about the deficit when they provided tax breaks to large corporations or when they were building F-22 fighter planes that the Defense Department did not want. Now, when we’re talking about providing adequate health care to all Americans, they are concerned about the deficit. They are disingenuous at best.

We have been trying to introduce health care legislation since the time of Teddy Roosevelt. It is time to finally do the right thing and make health care for all Americans a priority. Put it in the budget along with everything else. The people of this country will breathe a sigh of relief over not having to worry about whether they can see a doctor or not, whether an insurance company will deny coverage for a procedure they’ve already had, whether they will face bankruptcy and, finally, whether they will live or die at the hands of profit-seeking insurance companies.


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  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    I so completely agree with the picture this author has painted of unspecified and unjustified anger. I have not seen such basic incivility in a long time.


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