Jun 20, 2009

Dining with Alasandra

For our 22nd anniversary we dined at Anthony's Under the Oaks in Ocean Springs. I had the grilled fish topped with crab-meat and asparagus, which was delicious. Hubby had the peppercorn steak (they held the peppercorns at his request) which he enjoyed. Both came with a salad and the remoulade sauce was delicious. Hubby who hardly ever eats dressing on his salad elected to have some. The entree also came with grilled vegetables and a stuffed potato which were scrumptious.

Afterwards we stopped by Coffee & More to pick up some chocolate mousse for dessert.


  1. We wouldn't mind some fish with crabmeat and peppercornless steak. We'll let you have the veggies, though. Oh, wait, we forgot the doggies like veggies. So, never mind, we'll have our own order, thanks.

    Sounds like you had a nice anniversary meal.

  2. It was, and we had a very nice view. The restaurant overlooks the bay. We got there before sunset and we could see the sunlight sparkling on the water. And the oak trees that surround it are magnificent. They are very old and HUGE.


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