Nov 14, 2008

Joffrey's Coffee 2.0 Java Update

Awhile back I was sent Joffrey's Coffee 2.0 Java to try. Hubby finally got around to using it. We made it in our Senseo Coffee Maker, with the Presto MyPod (it allows us to use any coffee we wish instead of buying the special pods. I loved the rich flavor and Hubby was even impressed with it. Best of all it allowed us to feel alert without feeling wired. Great coffee, go over to Joffrey's and give it a try.

Nov 3, 2008

McCain supporter is a real witch

Oh Please

Contrary to Janna O'Donnell's post Obama and the Danger to our Freedoms, Christians can still "speak about your beliefs to other believers and share those beliefs in discussion (public or private)" , what they can't do is force their beliefs on other people, harass people who belief differently then they do and spew hatred. You wouldn't think that would be a problem for them.

So just to clarify, we still have freedom of speech and Obama and the Democrats support it.

As for intelligent design/creationism not being taught in schools, it is not science. If you want to teach your child the creation myth fine do it at home or in Sunday School.