Oct 19, 2008

My head hurts from all the stupidity

Ok, I did like Sarah Palin when McCain first choose her as his running mate. At first glance she seemed like someone I could relate to. A wife and MOTHER with a brain. Unfortunately like fish after a few days she started to SMELL. If I hear "You Betcha" one more time I think I will throw up. I can only hope that after November she will disappear back to the wilds of Alaska never to be heard of again. Funnily enough the Fundamentalist Christians that he hoped to woo with her nomination are opposed to her. Why because she is a woman and a MOTHER and how dare she work outside the home. Don't cha know she should be home changing diapers.

I won't be voting for the McCain & Palin ticket. McCain is way to scary and Palin doesn't have the political smarts needed for the job. While she may not just be 'eye candy' she certainly doesn't seem to have any concrete ideas of how to get us out of the economic mess we are in. In fact both McCain & Palin seem to suffer from a disconnect with reality.

While I am not entirely happy with Obama, especially his plans for universal pre-school. Let's fully fund K-12th grade and a university education first, then we can talk about funding programs (Head Start) that have already been shown to have no lasting effect. I am appalled at the smear tactics that Fundamentalist Christians are stooping to and their ridiculous claims of proof he wasn't born in Hawaii (which by the way is part of the United States).

Snopes.Com plainly shows why we shouldn't believe the nonsense about his birth certificate. Not to mention that if there was any validity to the nonsense HRC would have used it to insure that she was the Democratic nominee.


  1. Thanks for the link!
    Miss Amanda

  2. Which Fundamentalist Christians would that be? I didn't get the memo. ;)

  3. Susan R,
    The ones that think women belong at home, how dare we choose to have a career (follow the link and you'll see what I am talking about). BTW I am a stay at home Mom, but I don't see anything wrong with a woman choosing to have a career and I would love to see a woman President (as long as it isn't HRC, whom I can't stand).

    You are welcome for the link Superangel. I admire you for at least thinking about politics at your age; even though I disagree with your opinion. Good luck in the Alasandra's Homeschool Blog Awards. Voting is now open for the Teen and Group Blogs. I am working on the adult Blogs as there were a lot of them.


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