Aug 31, 2008

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

I have been reading a lot of blogs saying she is a terrible choice, but honestly she may be just what the country needs. She certainly seems to have more in common with normal middle class Americans, then either of the Presidential Candidates or the Democratic VP nominee. Do I agree with all her positions NO, for one thing I am pro-choice and she is anti-choice but .....................if she was running for President I would vote for her. But unfortunately to get her, you get stuck with McCain. For those of you criticizing her lack of experience, maybe that's just what we need someone who isn't a political animal with years of experience wheeling and dealing Washington style. We have that now. And you have to admire the fact that Sarah Palin got the VP nominee on her own. Unlike HRC who MARRIED her way into politics.

I'll be honest I am not happy with either the Republican or Democratic choices. McCain is a power hungry ego manic and Obama is one of those high-minded individual that Amelia Peabody warns us about. "High-minded individuals are more dangerous than criminals. they can always find hypocritical excuses for committing acts of violence."Amelia Peabody Emerson

Frankly I don't care for someone who thinks they know what is best for me better then I do. I am also very opposed to Obama's comprehensive “zero to five” program. Preschoolers belong at home with their Mothers not in some government mandated 'program'.

Which leaves me hoping a viable Independent Presidential Candidate will emerge. If not I'll be trying to pick the lesser of two evils and right now I am not sure which would be worse for the country an ego manic or a high minded individual.