Oct 19, 2006

Comic Relief

The Demon Car
OK, my eldest had his learners permit and I decided he was ready to drive on the road (shudder). So when we left the local veterinarian's office with his cat in tow I handed Porpoise Boy the keys and told him to drive. Actually he did very well, under very trying circumstances. The cat had decided to make his displeasure at being taken to the vet known by voiding his breakfast (the smell was awful), but Porpoise Boy was maintaining a constant rate of speed, doing the speed limit, obeying the rules of the road and doing an all around great job. So we get to our driveway. I tell him to come to a complete stop, take his foot off the break and turn. I assumed he would slowly take his foot off the brake (never assume with beginning drivers). My 99 Honda Accord immediately leapt forward. Thanks to Porpoise Boy's quick reflexes we managed to avoid the ditch, we did hit a green pole marking the property line - it's really nice to have evidence of their mistakes when you want to point out they aren't perfect. He immediately said the car was possessed and started referring to it as THE DEMON CAR!

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