Sep 1, 2006

Should public schools require uniforms?

Should public schools require uniforms?

By Sara Bernard
The first day of the new school year is fast approaching (or, in some cases, already past), and many students have begun asking themselves that burning question: “What should I wear?” But in more and more schools across the country, this issue is no longer a worry. An increasing number of public schools require that all students dress in school-prescribed outfits. Proponents contend that similar clothing can be a great equalizer, doing away with the troubles that attire can cause: discrimination, cliques, distraction due to skimpy or otherwise inappropriate apparel, and even violent conflict based on clothing and accessories that are offensive or suggest gang affiliation. On the other hand, many people use clothes as a form of self-expression, and requiring school uniforms can take away the sense of individuality and creativity so important to students. How should schools address this issue? We’re interested in your opinion.

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