Aug 16, 2006

Parents Opposed to Mandatory School Uniforms Get a Free Home Tutor For Their Kids

According to Principal Fred Ponti of the Huber Street School parents who are opposed to the mandatory school uniform policy, will get a free home tutor for their child until they are in compliance.

"For the elementary school levels, after the first offense, parents will be notified. The second offense, there will be a conference with the principal. Third offense, students will be given a home tutor until there is compliance. Nowhere are we talking about expulsion during any of the presentations to the parents. Never."

Home Tutor versus Public School, I know which I would choose for my children. It sounds like these parents are getting a good deal. No uniforms and a private home tutor to boot.

Aug 11, 2006


Numerous studies have been done proving that babies that are breastfeed are healthier. So why do many people in the U.S. frown on public breastfeeding? Read more in the Sun Herald.