Jun 15, 2006

School Board Shows Sense Votes NO to Uniforms

It's a pity the Jackson County School Board enslaved our children in mandatory school uniforms without researching the matter. After this school board researched uniforms they voted NO.

Assistant Superintendent Ruth Ann Erdner researched the issue and found most schools have a clause that allows parents to opt out of the requirement. School uniform requirements also have opened districts up to lawsuits, Erdner said her research found. Fowler asked each board member their thoughts on the issue.“I’m a big negative on school uniforms,” David Meara said. Some board members said they would be willing to look at the issue and be supportive if a school wanted to pilot a school uniform program. Keithly said research about its effectiveness was “very inconclusive.” Erdner said research from one junior high showed fights doubled when the school adopted school uniforms.

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