Jun 28, 2006

Parents Don't Have the Right to Choose Medical Care for Their Children

Tina Marie Carlsen wanted to explore alternative treatments to kidney surgery for her son. So the hospital took her to court and had her son taken from her custody. Now she is charged with kidnapping because she didn't agree with what a doctor wanted to do to her son.

As the Mother shouldn't her opinion matter more then the doctors?

Jun 24, 2006

Uniforms Not the Way to Go

An article in the Walton Tribune proclaims "uniforms not the way to go".

Robbie Schwartz-

My parents never told me what to wear. Rather, they thought it more important to be involved in my life. I attended public schools that did not have dress codes in the suburbs of Charlotte, N.C. Yeah, there were fights. But there are always going to be fights. Limiting a means of self- expression is not the answer. There are so many other areas that need to be addressed first that I think many people turn to this as a quick solution. And it’s not. It just creates more rebellion and turns our youths into those cut from the same mold.Who is to say that the mold is right?

Jun 18, 2006

Crane Community Against Uniforms

Those against uniforms said it takes away the students' individuality, it will not save money and the schools should do a better job of enforcing the current dress code.

I couldn't have said it better myself. I wish these parents luck. I know from first hand experience that when the mandatory school uniform Nazis strike, they don't tend to listen to common sense or care what the majority of parents want.

Jun 15, 2006

School Board Shows Sense Votes NO to Uniforms

It's a pity the Jackson County School Board enslaved our children in mandatory school uniforms without researching the matter. After this school board researched uniforms they voted NO.

Assistant Superintendent Ruth Ann Erdner researched the issue and found most schools have a clause that allows parents to opt out of the requirement. School uniform requirements also have opened districts up to lawsuits, Erdner said her research found. Fowler asked each board member their thoughts on the issue.“I’m a big negative on school uniforms,” David Meara said. Some board members said they would be willing to look at the issue and be supportive if a school wanted to pilot a school uniform program. Keithly said research about its effectiveness was “very inconclusive.” Erdner said research from one junior high showed fights doubled when the school adopted school uniforms.

Jun 12, 2006

School Tells Parents What to Feed Kids

First public schools decided parents didn't have the right to dress their children in appropriate school attire and forced mandatory school uniforms on us. Now a PA school wants to tell parents what they can feed their kids.